Friday, November 5, 2010

a good use for the catch stitch!

I just recently got Claire Schaffer's new DVD and I love it.  It is a sewing workshop with Claire demonstrating and explaining basic hand-sewing techniques, pressing and other topics.   I had never used a catch stitch very much, but she showed a way of attaching elastic to a gaping armscye that clicked with me.  She said the catch stitch has elasticity to it, and so it is good to use in situations where there will be some stretch /stress to the seam.

On Tuesday this week, I took my sewing machine to work, along with Pamela's Patterns T-Shirt Makeover pattern, some tracing paper, black thread & scissors.  I altered t-shirts for my co-workers to wear to a team-building event at work.  The work went fast, but I got stuck in thinking about the hem.  I certainly wasn't going to drag a serger to work.  (Yes, it was fun to sew in my cubicle!  Other people made the labels and brewed the beer - I sewed).  I used the catch stitch on the hems and it turned out great!  The ladies were very happy with their fitted t-shirts.

couture t-shirt details

couture t-shirts

couture t-shirts lovely ladies
hmmm, I just noticed that everyone is a petite except me!
It turned out to be a very fun event at work.
*What a week*  **TGIF**
hope you have a nice weekend!


  1. What an awesome way to spend a day at work!! And the tees look great. I love catchstitching hems, especially on knit dresses. It's such a nice detail.

  2. You and your co-workers look great! I'm glad to hear you've been enjoying the Shaeffer DVDs since I've been considering them. Might have to take the plunge now!

  3. I've been considering the CS dvd too, and now it goes to the top of my list.
    The catch stitch is a very versatile stitch and I've used it a lot over the years. I use it to anchor the facing to the chest in a jacket. It goes far enough back to still enable you to attach the lining. It's also a strong stitch and works well for a heavy hem, and it's easy.

  4. Wow great transformations! I always wanted to be tall and slim like you!

  5. I highly recommend the DVD because you can watch it over and over. When I was fast-forwarding to get to a specific section, it was fun just to watch the demonstration speeded up. It's just so much easier to learn by watching, and watching it repeatedly reinforces the concepts.

    RE: wanting to be taller- that is so funny because this photo took me right back to that feeling of despair I had at age 14, when all the pretty /popular girls were petite. Oh how I wanted to be petite! It seemed petite=feminine. It human nature, we all want what someone else's *fill-in-the-blank*, don't we?

  6. Add me to the list you've sold on CS dvds. I've been considering them since Sticher's Guild's thread about them. FYI, when I was a petite, skinny 14 year old, I envied those tall, self assured girls in school, lol.

  7. A note about the DVDs- if you buy them at JoAnn's there are only two hours of content. The version that you buy from the Taunton website has 3 hours on it- Claire gave me a copy last week and I think it's great!

  8. Great job Robin and to be able to do it at work? What a bonus! I love the logo, so creative! Our teaming events are much more banal... My best friend in HS was 6'. I am 5'5". My sisters are both under 5'2", so at home, I was the tall one. It's all relative :). I bought the DVD and have not had time to watch. Very much looking forward to it after all of the great reviews!

  9. I just got the Claire Shaeffer DVD and I love it, too. I bought mine form Barnes and Noble and it's a full 180 minutes (2 discs) for less than Taunton's price.

  10. OK, any openings in your finance department? Seriously, a team building exericise involving beer? And sewing at the office? Too much fun!

    I have 30+ experience in all phases of accounting and am a CPA. I am currently employed, so I guess I should be greatful.'s my first experience with a hostile work environment.

  11. Oh, and I needed to add "Reconciliator"...snort!!! :-)

  12. I wish I could come up with a way to sew at work. All of you look great in your customized T shirts. I have Claire's DVD. It is definately worth owning. Even though some (though not all) of the techniques are in her books, I learn so much more when I see something demonstrated.


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