Monday, September 6, 2010

I have no modesty

When I last visited Wolf Dress Forms, for the final posture check, I shucked my clothes and asked Burt if it was OK for DH to take pictures.  With a straight face, Burt asked, "Can I keep my clothes on?".  He is funny.

And while I am revealing my lack of modesty, I thought I'd share my special sewing clothes with you.  I am talking about what I wear when I sew.  [Attempting a haughty expression here.]
I am not one of those frumpy Americans who wears jeans and fleece and trainers everywhere.  Oh no, I carefully dress correctly for each activity. 
(Not like Gigi who wears pajamas when sewing).
(Or Peter, who ... well, let's not go there.)

I have special sewing pants.  They used to fit me more like real pants are supposed to fit, a long time ago.  But I have them broken in right.  Now, they are my best and FAVORITE pants.  When I put on these pants, I mean business.

So anyway ... I got up at 5am and had a long lovely Sit & Sew session.  I made progress on the bodice of my coat.  The fabric is a wool -cashmere blend that I got from Michaels on sale for $8/yard.  I took lots of photos along the way so I'll probably write more blog posts when I am suffering from sewing withdrawal during the work week.
But now, it's only 11am and I am off to have some fun out in the gorgeous weather with DH.  I think we are going down to Georgetown.  I think I need to change my clothes first.  I'll ask him what he thinks.

~*Happy Sewing and May You Always Dress For Success!*~


  1. I too dress in comfortable clothes when I sew, It is usually some sort of pull on exercise type pants and t-shirt style top ~ it is so much nicer and more convenient when trying a garment on during the fitting stage :)

    I must go back and read exactly where Wolf Dress Forms is located. One day this may be my gift of choice :)

  2. I sew the clothes I wear at the time when I sit at my sewing machine normally, I can not sew several hours straight because I always stop the activity by a member of the family, but if I am among a test and another in the garment I sew in my underwear.
    But I make sure to not be in a window like Peter!

  3. Believe it or not I do NOT sew in the nude! ;)

  4. On the weekends you will often find me in my PJs. The rest of the time I am in my skivvies just because I get tired of getting undressed for fittings. I have been trapped in my sewing room more times that I can recall because in order to get to my bedroom I have to walk past the front door (which has two very large sidelights!). I can hardly drape myself in a piece of fabric to answer the door, lol. I finally learned to keep a robe in my sewing room.

    Things are looking good with that coat! How lucky that you have a need for coats.

  5. Progress looks good. Hope you had a lovely day together.

    I've learned the hard way not to sew in my good pairs of pants. Just picking up a little fabric with pins has a devastating effect on the fabric. Completely understand your need to sew in something you're comfortable in.

  6. Me too! I tend to sew in PJs or similar comfie clothes or, sometimes, just in underwear if I am fitting a lot and am home alone. ;)

    Also, my antique sewing chair has some exposed nails and can snag my good clothes. Guess I should get a new chair.... ;)

  7. This is the funniest post. I love it. I particularly like the partial bodice look - very modern and deconstructed :)

  8. Funny! I am not one of those frumpy Australians in stubbies and thongs..translation elastified, heavy cotton workman's shorts and flip flops. I sew in my dressing grown when I'm fitting a garment.

  9. Gee Robin, that's an awful lot of clothes for sewing.

  10. LOL, LindaNan, you cracked me up. You are right.

    shams, I hope you are not getting injured in the line of duty!


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