Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I cannot keep this to myself....

My husband sent this "news article" to me today:


ROCKVILLE, MD - Ms. Robin D* was deemed worthy of an impressive award in the fields of Beauty, Grace, Talent, Artistic Ability and Overall Wifeliness by the Panel early today. The comments from the Panel's spokesman, Mr. Howie B*, were effusive in their praise for Ms. D*. "She's a national treasure, that's for sure!" Mr. B* commented, "The earth needs more women like Robin. In fact, she'd make a good Queen of the World, in my humble opinion!"

Robin's tireless efforts in the field and specifically her recent volunteer work with the difficult Montgomery County Grand Jury were also singled out by Mr. B* as deserving special praise, respect and acknowledgement. "To think that she does all she does and still makes the time and effort to create beautiful sewing creations just baffles the mind!" When asked about the whole wifeliness spectrum Mr. B* could only gush, "I'm not going to go into all that right now. Suffice it to say that she Feathers a Mean Nest!"

Though no monetary aspects are directly connected with the Medal, Ms. D* was later seen sporting an impressive looking honker on her left hand, which was evidently what Mr. B* was alluding to when he was heard to quip, "She should have a dozen of these!"
This man is priceless.  He makes me laugh!


  1. is great that you have a guy who lets you know how he feels about you in such a creative way. You will get a warm fuzzy feeling every time you read it.

  2. It is nice that he can express his love and appreciation. A keeper.

  3. Thank you all for sharing my smiles today.
    He is a real sweety. I was 46 years old when I found him, after 12 years of being a Solo Warrior.
    He is quite the warrior, too.

  4. How wonderful! You are both very, very lucky. :-)

  5. You are both the lucky one! What a sweetie....and what well deserved praise.


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