Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You look brilliant!

You look brilliant!  That is one of the many little phrases printed on this cotton fabric, and the phrase is peeking out of the zippered pocket in this photo.  There are lots of cute teddy bears, too.  I bought this fabric in Korea last February because I liked the quirky design.  I used it to sew a birthday gift for Howie's daughter who turns 27 on Thursday.  We celebrated last Sunday. 
I used Bernina My Label for the pattern.  These are lounging pants, so the waistband is nice wide elastic (I get mine from Pamela's Patterns or in NYC).  I like to sew a tube just large enough to fit the elastic and attach it to the waist.  Then I finish the edge with the serger; catching just the edge of the elastic.  That way it never twists or rolls.
The pockets have zippers on them.  From the inside of the pants, you can see the pockets.  First I serged the edges of the pockets, then pinned them to the pants.  From the front, I used chalk to rub the outline of the pockets.  That gave me just enough of a visual so I could quickly stitch them using the coverhem without much gnashing of teeth.  Once finished, a shot of steam from the iron removed chalk.

And here are the finished pants:

Either she is a very good faker, or, she really liked them.

Happy Birthday, Kelly!!


  1. Very cute pyjamas. I enjoyed my fabric shopping in Korea too - so thanks for the details.

  2. Super-cute! The print is so fun and adorable.

  3. soooo cute :) and Bernina My Label - I'm super jealous! great job!


    PS my son's birthday is Thursday, too!

  4. These are so cute! I am ashamed to say that I have had the Bernina My Label software for over two years and have yet to try it. I really need to get myself measured (which the instructions in itself looks kind of overwhelming) and give it a try.

  5. You put some great details on these! Love them!

  6. Cough, cough, I am more than twice her age and I would so wear those pants! Lounging pants are a great way to indulge my love of cute prints.

  7. Very cute - love the zippered pockets!


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