Sunday, August 1, 2010

assembly line sewing

I sewed exercise shorts last weekend, wore them and gave them a B+.  
For A+, they needed to be a little longer and more tapered to fit my leg.  In the photo below, the piece on the left is the front and it is placed on the fold.  The back is in the center. The piece to the right is the gusset.  The straight side of the gusset is sewn to the front and the curved side is sewn to the back.  The gusset goes all the way down to the hem.  The gusset gives a sleek fit without being too clingy or prone to wedgies.  At the top, I just used a wide elastic and folded over the top edge. 
Pretty easy, once I had it all figured out. 

(click to enlarge & see gusset explanation)

Here are my new shorts.  I did not really enjoy sewing them (too boring)  but I will enjoy wearing them.  The way these shorts look compared to the storebought shorts is just night and day.  I really could not go out in public in anything RTW, except the baggy shorts from the mens department.

These were fast to sew.  I serged the seams using the overlocker first, then topsitched using the coverhem.  My coverhem has a 3-thread option, so I used that and I like the sporty look.  There is a lot of thread on these seams!

I was not athletic when I was young.  I was that clumsy kid who was the last one picked for the team.  Despite being the tallest girl in my class, and dedicated effort, I did not make the basketball team.  Now it seems funny, but at the time, it was a huge disappointment!  I recovered from the trauma of high school gym and now I enjoy regular vigorous exercise.  Maybe I get endorphins from it?  Maybe that's the explanation!  I love yoga, Pilates and I take high-cardio boot camp classes, too.  But my newest love is Zumba.  Bonus - our teacher is a decade older than I am, so that is very motivating.  She wears the cutest cargo pants with trim tank tops.  So there may be some cargo pants in my sewing future.  :)  If I am honest, it is all about age; maybe even some fear.  I would not want to lose physical mobility in my golden years - that would be very hard to endure.  So I exercise. 

What's up next?  I love this sweet spot between projects when I can dream about what I want to create next.  I was so impressed with Belinda's purple coat that I bought the same pattern:

I like the 70's vibe of view A and the pleat in the back.  The 70's weren't a good decade for me, sports-wise, but it was a very good decade for style.  I love the 70's aesthetic!

Happy Sewing


  1. I have always liked that coat pattern. What is Zumba?

  2. You are right about exercise, it is an investment in your future health. I have never heard of Zumba either, but it sounds fun.

  3. Lori and Daisy, I added a link on the word "Zumba" (or you can google it). Zumba is an aerobics class based on latin dance moves. It is quite a workout but everyone is laughing and having a good time becuase we all look a little silly as we learn the new moves.

  4. I'm curious--do you cut gusset piece once or twice? I'm guessing that you sew it to the inseam of the front piece. I think that you cut one piece and it's folded at the centerline/foldline of the front piece. When you have the chance, can you please clarify?

    It looks like you finished 3 pair--great job!

    Rose in SV

  5. That is very productive sewing...and your custom made just for you shorts are priceless :) Good job!

    I feel the same way about is definitely all about being healthy in our golden years :) Zumba sounds like so much fun.

  6. Rose in SV- I added another picture to the post so you can see more info about the gusset. Of course, it is highly unlikely that you will come back and read my blog again, but, I did it anyway :)

  7. Robin, yes, I did come back to your blog. :) Thank you for adding the new picture. I like the dialog bubbles you used for your explanation and I understand what you did. Thank you for the clarification. Great job on the fitness shorts anbd the explanation!

    I have a pattern I use for fitness pants that are very similar (based on KwikSew 2723), but they lack a gusset. I may try altering the pattern to see how it affects the fit.

    thanks, again!

    Rose in SV

  8. I am very impressed that you have sewn your own exercise shorts - great job! I am also very impressed with your exercise regime - I really must do some of this myself!

  9. oooooh. Okay. I think I need to try this draft. I think the compression shorts that come with my pattern has the same front and back. I may need to get more technical fabric for some matching tops too. I love the assembly line sewing of it. I've got a second skirt ready to go but would like to have two more cut out.

  10. Oh! My exercise is pending, you motivated me a lot with this post


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