Saturday, July 24, 2010

a storebought muslin!

My exercise clothes come from Target and I generally wear baggy shorts or capri length pants with an elastic waist.  For a change of pace, I want more form-fitting exercise clothing.  At first I thought I'd get a pattern so I went to G Street Fabrics.  Although they had a Jalie pattern that looked OK, it occurred to me that I could skip the pattern and head to the Sports Authority (clothing store) and try on all the styles to help me decide on design details.  Then I could just buy the pants closest to my requirements and use them as my pattern.  How easy!
No surprise; none of them fit - they are all too low-rise and too short for my taste.  Here is a photo with some lines drawn where I altered the design.  After cutting the shorts, I just laid the pieces on paper, traced and trued the seams.  That was a fast pattern and I already know it will be what I want.  This is a store-bought muslin!
What I really like about this style is the crotch gusset.  It just seems to be a little more flattering and comfortable.  I used the spandex fabric I bought in Korea at Dongdaemun.  Howie & I went out for a long walk today and these shorts are wonderfully comfortable and it is HOT. (100 degrees F => ~ 37 Celsius)

So now I just need to sew up a bunch of them while I have all the stuff out.  Boring, but useful sewing.   I'll make a couple pairs in capri length, too.  Slowly, my entire wardrobe is made by me.  I would buy RTW, but they don't make what I want in a size to fit.  Oh well, guess I'll have to continue the little sewing factory thing.

In other news, I heard from my daughter in South Korea - her boyfriend broke his ankle at a theme park.  It was a long hard ambulance ride to the hospital where he'll stay until surgery on Tuesday.  After months of planning and anticipation, their vacation to the island of Jeju has been cancelled.  Well, from a mother's point of view, maybe I don't want them anywhere near the sea anyway (like I have any choice).  It is disconcerting when I read in the news that the US has joined with South Korea to carry out naval military exercises in the East Sea.  One wonders how much longer things can go on this way.  Anyway... there is much suffering in the world, isn't there?  Sorry this is a little bit of a bummer.  I usually stick to happy news because we all have enough bad news, don't we?  Yes, I know. We do. 

Taking a page from Myrna's blog, I will note that I am
Grateful:  That daughter and the boyfriend have each other.


  1. Looks like your shorts are very much like the bike shorts pattern from my ancient Stretch & Sew pattern. Very comfy to wear!

  2. Great idea! I've heard of people doing this with a favorite worn out shirt as well. The shorts look very comfy and useful.

  3. So smart to make the shorts like this!!!
    Sorry about your daughter's boyfriend and their canceled vacation. I understand your concern.

  4. Yes there is a lot of suffering in the world, and it's important to remember the things for which we are grateful. I love your shorts!

  5. You are very clever to find RTW athletic clothes to copy and improve. The shorts look great. So sorry that your daughter's vacation plans were cancelled; her boyfriend is lucky to have her company while he heals.

  6. You did a great job with the shorts. They look terrific. I sewed customized spankies for young athletes for years and that's how I developed my patterns...tearing apart shorts that were comfortable but worn-out, then we'd tweak them. So sorry to hear about your daughter's boyfriend. Hope he heals quickly. Funny how we never stop worrying about our kids.

  7. Sorry to hear about your daughters boyfriend. It's unfortunate they had to cancel their trip but hopefully they can re-schedule when he recovers and things may look brighter then :)

    You shorts look wonderful. I have the same problem. I find all these types of shorts are too short for my liking and I usually buy from the mens side. They are normally a little longer :) I would however prefer to make my own but just haven't had much time to actually sew.

  8. Good work on the shorts! And sorry to hear about the daughter's boyfriend's ankle.

  9. This is a great idea, and now you have your own custom fit work out shorts!

    Speaking of great ideas, have you found all the great sewing links at yet? Lots of people sharing what they're stitching up!

  10. Such a fabulous idea to get your muslin from RTW. I love your results. I think these would work well as undies too, worn with a dress or skirt.


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