Friday, July 2, 2010

little white dots marching in a row

My dress is about halfway sewn up and I need to think about a lining.  This is the underlining.  Rayon Bemberg?  What do you use for a summer dress to be worn on a hot day?
My dress fabric is this silk-linen blend that Archie found for a little nap.  The camera noise woke her up, but only briefly. We call her Chip-Monkey because she moves very quickly, like a chipmunk.
Very happy to be into day 2 of the new fiscal year 2011.  I worked a 21 hour day yesterday and, well, frankly I feel pretty macho about it.  LOL.  For what it's worth. I have worked out how to pull an all-nighter and work hard the next day and keep sane.  Now, for a Three Day Weekend, oh YAY.  And I ate some Ben & Jerry's ice cream tonight and it.was.good.
Next time I will write about the construction steps of this dress.  Working from a muslin is way different than what I am used to and I am making it up as I go along. 
As you can see, I pushed the machine out of the way and spread out to do all the hand-basting of the underlining to the fabric.  It is soooo relaxing!  I do love me some hand-sewing.  That was quite a few days ago and I look forward to diving back into this project now.
Lining.  Need to get some lining ...


  1. Ok - your post has just convinced me I need to get a tracing wheel. It looks so much neater and less complicated when everything is dotted out like that!

  2. Oh my goodness! Archie is the spitting image of my girl, Sooty! I just showed her photo to my husband and he thought it was our girl. :)

  3. I have been wanting to buy a tracing wheel like yours. I assume you are using some type of marking paper with it. I have seen where others were using using some sort of ink pad to trace pattern on to tracking paper with it.

  4. How about a cotton batiste? It makes a very cool lining that doesn't stick to the body.
    Are you using those big sheets from Greenberg and Hammer?

  5. I am going to say the same as Nancy K. Cotton batiste. I don't know what your climate is like but the city I live in has really high summer humidity and it's the only thing that is comfortable because it breathes better than any other fabric.

  6. Have a well deserved relaxing long week end :)

    I too like the idea of cotton batiste for the lining. It would be very light and comfortable.

    * Archie is looking very comfortable where she is :)

  7. Nice to have 3 days to recuperate. I also like handwork. Your space looks so nice and neat. I like your fabric. I also agree with those who suggest batiste. Will you be dry cleaning the dress?


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