Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Is it too soon to think about wool?

Is it too soon to think about winter sewing? I think not. I am caught up. I have enough things to wear right now and I am planning ahead. I WILL sew a winter coat this year and I WILL sew a jacket this Fall.

Here is the thing - I don't have exactly the right fabric in my stash because some of it was bought before I learned what I like.  I bought stuff willy-nilly when I was just getting back into sewing.  It's great fabric, just not the right style, the right color, or whatever. Perhaps I will sell these pieces on eBay. Or maybe I could give them away on my blog. Would you be interested?   Cuz, I don't need to hang onto anything less that perfect for me.

This is the Wool Room at A Fabric Place in Baltimore (aka Michael's Fabrics).  I whipped out my cell phone to capture this image - yeah I know it's grainy but I kinda got high off the fabric sale I encountered.

I am a little excited (you know the feeling when you snag just the right thing at an amazing price).  Today I bought 3 gorgeous wools pieces of fabric that I love.  One is charcoal gray, one is a very dark teal-ish blue  and one is a very cool looking retro print in just the right shades of black & white.  They are very ME.
And people, I got them for $8/yard!  These are top-of-the-line wools.

PLEASE NOTE- I get no benefit by posting this (except a "thank you" from Michael)
The selection is pretty impressive.  There are coatings, "chanel-type" boucle looking things, sweater knits, gabardines & flannels in a zillion colors, and more.  If you shop from Michael's Fabrics, you got an email about this sale, so you already know. 
Basically, you will have to pick up the phone, call Michael and describe what you are looking for.  They don't have photos of all this stuff on the website.  His cell phone is 410-493-8918. 

OK, hope that wasn't annoying (I think of it as enabling :).  It was just such a great opportunity and I love what I bought and I had to share.  Don't worry, I am not going to turn into a shill.  I just happen to work within a couple miles of the store.   I have bought *ahem* a bit of fabric there.....
*happy sewing!*


  1. Never too soon. I'm in the middle of winter here, thinking and planning for spring/summer.

  2. My box of African prints arrived from Michael and Sherri today. They are beautiful!

  3. Lucky you to be able to shop at Michael's b&m store. Sigh...
    Yes, I am ready for fall sewing, at least. I already have some fabric and some plans.

  4. Ooh, sounds like very nice fabric.

  5. Ohh, I love that place. On the other hand I got Michael's latest mailer on the hottest day of the year when I was condemned to running errands (105) and it has since been buried under a pile of stuff.

  6. Not too soon by any means. I'm thinking of fall patterns too. And sound you have a great resource of fabrics there.

  7. I got some fantastic deals from Michael last time I was there, too. The time before, not so much - though my friend walked out with a bag of deals. It's part of the fun, and no matter what you pay you get some great fabrics.


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