Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wacky Wednesday Sale today!

Sewing Island Update:

IKEA had a 50% off sale in the As-Is section today! I scooped up some kitchen cabinets - woo hoo!

If you need to outfit a room, download their planner. It is a really nice tool to try out different configurations, and it gives you a shopping list, complete with prices.

Here are some ideas to fit my little sewing nook:

This is the one I got- what a bargain! The cabinets are fully assembled and IKEA delivers now.  Awesome.  Next I need to find the right countertop.

Progress on fun stuff!


  1. Lucky you! That will make a great work station and have great storage.

  2. I have an island in my studio and it works FABULOUSLY. You're going to love this. You can see mine on my website at:

    - Myrna

  3. Congratulations! you will love your island :)

  4. Great blog. Thanks for sharing more than your ideas.


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