Thursday, May 27, 2010

simple dresses with cute cover-ups

My summer sewing is about to begin and I am going for simple dresses with cover-ups.  I already sewed (and wore) a great little black tank dress with a J.Jill knt cardigan that I tied at the waist a la this New Look pattern below.
So, more to come!  And I am tired of my overly simple TNT patterns.  I will try, once again, to make a commercial pattern fit me.  WIsh me luck!
And the cutting table is finished, here is a shot with the plywood top to be covered in batting and fabric.  I wound up not liking the system as a sewing table- could not get used to sitting up high like that.  So I just pushed it against the wall.  It holds a TON of stuff.
More later, happy sewing!


  1. What I wouldn't give to have a cutting table like that.. I have a rather small kitchen table that I use for both cutting and sewing table. Lucky you!

  2. I'm jealous of your sewing space. I sew in my teeny tiny living room. Thanks for the comment on my blog btw. You were the first real blogger who commented. Made me feel really special! hehe:)

  3. Good luck with your seiwng space. I'm undergoing a remodel right now, so my room is in utter chaos! But,the floor is beautiful!

  4. Good luck! I´ll be waiting for more photos.


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