Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Sewing Island

Yeah, aqua seas, sandy beaches and a gentle breeze would be nice ...

but how about this?!

Like a kitchen has an island, how about a sewing room with an island!

Imagine these two units set up back-to-back as one sewing island:

I would make mine taller and I'd cover the whole top with a self-healing cutting mat.  I am not sure I'd really need the airlift for the machine.  I imagine I'd prefer 48" or even 60"  deep so I could do all my cutting on this table.  Bonus, more storage cubbies on all 4 sides!

I am hooked on Knock-Off Wood where folks make all kinds of great projects.  This is pretty advanced though.  Yesterday I saw several kitchen cabinets at IKEA in the "As-Is" section ... and ... you know, it could be done!!

Oh here is another gadget I want - a Kreg Jig.
OK, off to the sewing room.
Hope you are humming along in your world and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh I would love to have a sewing "as-is" section in IKEA, that's the first place I look whenever I go there and yes they always have a cabinet or two in that section, what a good idea.

  2. I want one of those sewing islands too and have been checking out the ikea kitchen cabinets for the same reason...*sigh*...all I need is for someone to vacate my sewing room...

  3. Oh what i wouldn't give for a decent cutting table and some sewing space.. I've only been sewing for a year but i'm already dreaming of my own sewing room with a nice big cutting table.. ironing corner.. dress form and a table for sewing machine and serger...and some shelfs for books...and a nice big window with a relaxing view...ahhhh

  4. have you tried making anything, with timber that is? I'm trying to get up my courage to try one of Anna's projects. I've got a trestle table, which is good, but something classier would be lovely!

  5. I thought about the same thing but not actually making it. (I dont beleive I could do that!!) Cant wait to see what you come up with. I just thought about buying from Ikea ofcourse, the Aneboda (from a fellow blogger) dresser probably two (for my patterns) and making somekind of shelving unit find in odds and ends and constructing some sort of table above it.


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