Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sequin Dress Happening

I am going to sew a sequin dress this weekend.  I remember feeling this way back in the 90's when Halloween rolled around.  I loved the fantasy aspect of sewing with unusual fabrics.  This fabric is a knit jersey and it seems like some kind of poly or maybe an ITY.

As you can see from the back, the sequins are sewn on.  At the selvedge edge, there is a strip of unadorned jersey that might come in handy somehow.  I will pick out sequins along the stitching line before sewing with the machine.  Then I will hand-sew sequins to fill in where it looks naked.  It should look seamless when I am finished. I will finish the edges the same way. 

I am not using a pattern.  I'll find a cheap knit in my stash to develop a muslin and fit that right on her.  I'll take apart the muslin and use it as a pattern.  Actually, I think it will be a 2-piece affair; a tank top and a slim mini-skirt.  I think that will just be easier to move around and sit in.  And let's just admit it, these are wardrobe building pieces.  You know you want one!

Another thing that crossed my mind is how nice it would be to have a black cardigan with this.  I have the perfect fabric for it, too.  I was thinking something like this:

You don't think I am ambitious, do you? Yeah, well, I can always mail it to her if I don't finish.  But a girl can try, right?

On a completely unrelated note, there are websites where you can load or link a photo and grab a color palette.  We were discussing wardrobe color selection based eye color; perhaps a no-brainer, but I am choosing paint color for a room.  It made me think how useful this is for interior decorating! 

oops, sorry for the big eyeball.
*happy sewing*


  1. I just made this Jalie cardigan and I love the results. However, as others have said, it's very small in the sleeve and perhaps a bit tight in the armscye. I passed it on to my smaller daughter and will sew another one for me.

  2. Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned out....and such a nice fabric to work with. The Jalie top would be great to have.

    My beautiful Roberto Cavalli fabric is waiting patiently, hopefully it's my next project :)

  3. I've been waiting to see what you'll make from those interesting fabrics you chose in Korea...ohh and those beautiful buttons too.

    I also love playing on the colour pallette websites..I've used ColourHunter and ColourLovers. It so addictive, I can play for ages.

  4. What a beautiful eye! Look at the gourgeous colors that came from that.

  5. I passed it on to my smaller daughter and will sew another one for me.
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