Monday, February 8, 2010

Paisley Skirt Save

I sewed this skirt a few years ago out of unusual paisley tapestry fabric by designer Roberto Cavalli.  I used Bernina My Label for the pattern.  Yesterday I set out to hem it, and I wound up taking it completely apart to do it right.  Here it is on the work table, wrong side up.
I wish I had a clear "before" photo but honestly it was too embarassing to even consider documenting just how unflattering it was.  But I had a feeling this skirt could be saved if I put it back together using better construction choices.  It needed an underlining.  I had some cream colored silk organza in my stash, so I cut and basted it to the skirt.  I sewed long diagonal stitches to keep the organza attached in the field.
I originally sewed the waistband with a facing- and that was too bulky so I tossed it in the trash.  In its place, I applied a narrow twill tape to the waistband.  It is positioned to lie just below the seam line when the lining is attached.
I cut a new lining using the same skirt pattern and sewed it by machine at the waist.  Then just some hand sewing around the zipper and the vent and I was finished.  Not hard at all.
The result is so much nicer to wear and it no longer clings or sags or otherwise misbehaves.
What a wonderful treat to have a snow day and time to sew.  I have missed my sewing!  Also, it was an opportunity to see how much I have learned from you over the last few years.  I made such better choices this time and it's all because I read your blogs, comments and tuturials online.  Thank you.
*happy sewing*


  1. The underlining made a world of difference.

  2. It's beautiful! I love that combo when one piece sings out loud and the rest is basic black. What a great day to spend a snow day.

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!! I love that fabric. The skirt looks amazing on you. Glad you enjoyed your snow day! We had snow days all last week and it looks like we will have them all this week. The boys and I are having a bit of cabin fever, even with getting out in the snow and going out and about.

  4. Its such great fabric, I'm glad you were able to make the skirt perfect!

  5. That is a testiment to "as we sew, we learn". Good save and a lovely skirt.

  6. Love the skirt and the fabric choice is great!

  7. Beautiful fabric and the skirt looks great.

  8. Gorgeous! Stay warm, and have fun in Korea. I'm sure you're leaving room in your suitcase for some beautiful fabrics. Show and tell when you get back!

  9. Robin, your skirt is beautiful. It fits you perfectly, and the style and hemline look very flattering on you. I am thinking I *need* to buy the BML software to help me figure out what to sew. Your testimonials are convincing!

  10. Just wandering around your site reading about your adventures.
    We don't have snow days here in southern Baja, but in July, August and September we have "Summer Hell" days, when we stay inside from noon till sundown and relax in the AC! That is when i finsih a lot of started projects and make new things. I jump in the pool to stretch out the kinks, then rush back inside to be cool.
    The poool is warm and the sun hot. By the time I have crossed the patio my sking is dry!
    So when you are enjoying your summers, we are holed up like you are in winter!
    Love the finish on the skirt.


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