Tuesday, February 2, 2010

May I say Thank You? Yes I may!

I wrote a ridiculous long rant about the Post Office yesterday. Full of  f*bombs, too.
And then I got a little embaressed and deleted the post.  But check it out, one of my readers sent me this information:


I used to mail international packages for my business. It's easier if you create a Click and Ship account online with the post office and fill out all the forms online. I print the label with a laser printer on regular paper and use a glue stick to attach it to the package. You will need a scale to weigh the package. It also doesn't hurt to do a search on the PO site to read up on the restrictions and requirements for packages to Korea. Then, because it's international, you have to hand the package in at the counter. If they're used to seeing you there, you won't have to wait in line, just put it on the counter of the friendliest mail person make eye contact and go.

I hope this takes some of the frustration out of it. I feel your pain...



PS - love your blog!
THANK YOU Jane!  And thank you Al Gore for creating the interwebs.  So amusing!


  1. Jane gave you great advice, except for the glue stick. Tape those labels down. Use CLEAR packing tape and tape the entire label down. Don't leave any raw edges. You need to protect the label. Put a piece of paper with the mailing address inside the package also.

    And please don't judge 1000's of employees by the actions of a few. There are many good hard working people at the USPS.

  2. Thank you Linda. And you are right - I have encountered many helpful people at the USPS. Now that I know how to help myself, I certainly will.

    Make it easier on all concerned :)

  3. I'm glad you got some good advice on dealing with a frustrating situation. I was a bit taken aback to read all the f-bombs via my RSS feed. :-)

  4. i feel your frustration.

    I have found the people who work at the Vehicle Tag Office to be just about as helpful!

    Good luck with your package.

  5. I send enough that I bought a box of those half-page labels so I print the shipping label directly on the label paper, although I still might tape over it.

    And it does help, even the picky person at my post office just accepts the postage-paid and labeled package with nary a question or raised eyebrow.


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