Sunday, February 28, 2010

I didn't tell you about the other suitcase, did I?

So my logic went like this:  dang that laptop was HEAVY to carry on the flight! And you should see all the luggage for sale in Itaewon.  
OK, rolling carry-on suitcase purchased for myself & new backpack purchased for daughter: CHECK.

Oh- yes and did I mention I kept up on work email while I was Korea?  (just throwing on a teaspoon of martyrdom here)

Now, what would make the best padding for the laptop, you know, to keep it safe and everything?  I mean, in addition to sequined fur and leopard knit?
How about some mesh knit for coverups to wear over yoga clothes (tank dress?  kimono dress? hoodie? sounds good to me!)
And maybe a few yards of this high-end technical performance fabric (with wicking!) for some unitards.  What is the point of sewing if you can't have yourself a unitard if you want one??
And how can you resist 100% cotton at ~$1/yard?  Pajamas!
Engrish is adorable.
On this particular print, notice that the reverse image is, well, reversed- the lettering is reversed.
I dunno, that struck my funny bone.  Pajamas? sure.
Now, when you have jet lag, it is weird.  Basically, I am functioning just fine, however I choose not to operate heavy machinery or sharp objects.  In fact, I have spent numerous hours lounging on this favorite vintage Laz-Y-Boy with this gorgeous cat.  Note tall stack of Burda World of Fashion Pattern line drawings.  These line drawings have been enjoyed.
From my chair, I can see the spool of gray thread that my husband bought for me.  This man, has learned, over 5 years of rigourous training, how to select thread. I am serious.
He was running errands and he actually agreed to pop into G Street Fabrics for me and grab a spool of thread for the shirt I cut before the trip to Korea.  The interfacing is fused and I could have sewn it in 90 minutes.  But, like I said, I am not up to arduous activities this weekend.
Isn't he cute?
He makes me laugh and he also keeps me company when I am restless and irritable. 
We discussed gussets today (engineers have them, too). I really think gussets will be a key comfort factor in yoga sewing.  I have a comfortable jacket with black gussets that I never even noticed until today.  
This link to pictures might work.
OK, all righty then.  That's my babbling blog post for the day.


  1. Well I guess, a WELCOME HOME is in order. I do agree with your choice in laptop paddings. I'm sure I'd make similar arrangements.

  2. Robin you bought such cute stuff in korea! I especially love the bear fabric.

  3. Nice haul! When you get over your jet lag, think how much fun you're going to have! Yes, your husband is cute. Mine was an engineer too, but I never knew he had gussets!

  4. Wow! You've had an awesome trip - good for you!

  5. You done good :) You'll have fun with all these but I look forward to seeing what you sew up with your high-end technical performance fabric :)

  6. I think it was an excellent idea to pad your laptop with fabric!!
    Your babbling post was amusing!! Hope you have gotten back on the right time zone and are back to operating sharp objects like scissors and sewing needles by now!

  7. Now that is what I call an awesome husband ;) XOXO the kitty too...looks like my Willow.

  8. Great fabric and absolutely the best souvenir to bring home. Look forward to seeing what you sew with this wonderful fabric.

  9. Robin you bought such cute stuff in korea! I especially love the bear fabric.
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