Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The haul

I am back from my whirlwind trip to Seoul, South Korea.  As you know, I spent a disproportinate amount of time at a certain textile market.  I even took an entire afternoon there by myself (I was so proud to be promoted to independent shopper!!  Well, OK, Laura took me there, then I shopped solo and caught a cab back to Itaewon all by myself ;)
I like these buttons:

Now about this sequinned furry fabric... LOL!
I already know this is one of those "WHAT WAS I THINKING??" purchases.
I mean, really, can you see this on me?  But I do love it.
Maybe it would work as a cute little shrug to go with Maggie's tasteful understated prom dress.  
Or maybe best in a small dose; perhaps a collar on a black knit cardi?
My daughter caught lots of video and photos, so if you are interested in our Korean fun, you check out her BLOG. (my trip was Feb 15 - 24, 2010)
I sure would love to travel more. The flight was 14 hours each way, and I made it through just fine.  You know that that means ... if I can ever save enough pennies, I will visit Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong... the list is endless.
For now, happy to be home and looking forward to sewing Maggie's chic prom dress.
*hello big world*


  1. Holy Cow! You're back already? Love the buttons.

  2. Glad you are back safely and with such wonderful treasures but especially the memories of the time you spent with your daughter!

  3. Fun trip, and I love the buttons! Surely you can't get a shrug AND a collar from that fuzzy stuff? K

    Oh, and my "secret word" to post here is "sparity". Hahaha. The anti-stash.

  4. Definitely give me a shout if you come to Hong Kong! You'll be able to wear a sparkly fur jacket here and no one will bat an eyelid!

  5. And of course plenty of friends here too in Australia. But I think it will take you a bit longer than 14
    Nice purchases!

  6. Welcome Home :) I can't wait to see what you do with those buttons. I like the idea of a fur shrug - nice and cozy but not too much fur...

  7. Let me know if you come to Australia. I'll show you the fabric markets of Sydney. Also still waiting to hear where the fabric area in Seoul is- I'm heading there in April.

  8. Ooh, yes, come to Australia. Don't listen to Vicki, you will just have time to do a lot of knitting on your flight.

  9. Wow, your trip looked like so much fun - I am envious! I can't wait to see what you do with all of your goodies.

  10. Oh, I LOVE those buttons!! I'm glad you had a great time. What fun.

  11. Wow, whirlwind is the word. But nothing beats a little time with family and a bonus shopping trip. Cool buttons.

  12. Those buttons are cool!! I look forward to seeing what you do with the furry fabric. I am sure you will figure out something to do with it!!
    I cannot imagine the fabric market - it looked dreamy!!

  13. Welcome home! You have a nice haul. Great buttons!

  14. I like the idea of a fur shrug - nice and cozy but not too much fur...
    party video


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