Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Janome contests - anyone else thinking about entering?

Check out this email I got today: 

Dear Robin,

Hello from Janome America! As a large sewing machine company we are extremely interested in who’s doing what in the sewing and craft world. For this reason, we have been following your blog and are excited to see your enthusiasm for the craft. We at Janome are thrilled to see sewists sharing this art with others.

Currently, Janome is running a contest we thought would interest you. The contest theme is “Pass it On”, and encourages those who love to sew to share their skill with someone new to the craft. In the primary contest, you are given the chance to win one of three PAIRS of prizes. If chosen, both you and your 'student' win! There are three fantastic prize sets in all: two pairs of sergers and one pair of thread collections!

The rules are simple. On our website, we provide you with four easy and unique projects. Choose the one you like best and partner up with a beginner sewist to create this project. Submit a photo of the two of you as well as a few short words, telling us how the project went.

Winners will be chosen on March 31, 2010 - so get sewing! The goal of this contest is to encourage people like you to share their love of sewing with others, and to spread the joy of this craft.

You can find the link to the contest here. Please enter it yourself and share it with your readers as well!

We also have another “Pass it On” contest running that can be viewed here. You may be interested in participating in this as well, for more chances to win.

We appreciate your participation and are excited to see the projects and photos you and your readers create!

Feel free to email me for more information about the contest or Janome’s machines.

Thanks and Good Luck!

I gotta say, I LOVE the idea of a sewing machine manufacturer noticing the blogosphere where we really do share our love and enthusiasm of the craft.  I recently agreed to help my niece with a prom dress, so... hmmm.
Opinions?  (I confess I haven't yet studied the contest rules.  I am busier than usual lately and not much sewing happening.  This shall pass, though and I will be sewing up a storm again soon.)

*Happy sewing*


  1. I agree, I really like the idea of this contest. but... I did not see prom dress on the list of projects!

    The projects they had were not really my style, I think I'll pass too.

  2. WOW..this is great! How nice that they noticed your blog :) I can understand the time issue, but I hope you find time to enter, I think you would be a fantastic partner for a beginner sewer.

  3. Yes, I got that email the other day also ... just haven't gotten around to posting it yet. I've helped some young women being sewing as well as a few nieces so we might enter it. Good luck to you if you do enter!

  4. I got this email and am thinking about whether or not I'm interested. Non of the 4 projects offered appealed to me. The 2nd contest though, in which you write your own sewing story is a maybe for me.

  5. I got the email also. I didn't realize there were multiple choices - read the one about helping somebody else and knew there was no time for that!


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