Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jalie 2921 Women's Scarf-Collar Top

Pattern Description:
Women's knit tops with scarf collar attached with a buckle, through opening at center front or tied in a bow.
Pattern Sizing:
womens 4-22
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
Were the instructions easy to follow?
yes, I love the clear instructions
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I don't like the way the scarf collar gaps in the back. No matter how I tug /arrange things, there is flopping and/or gapping. What a shame! I will wear this under a jacket, so it will be OK.
Fabric Used:
RPL from Christine Jonson
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
I made fit alterations to the shoulders to match my TNT t-shirt pattern
Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
It looks great on the model on the envelope. I wonder if I am built weird - or did I use the wrong fabric? or am I just too picky?
I dunno. It is not a wadder, but it is a disappointment.
boo hoo!

Oh. well.

How's your sewing going?


  1. I really like the top except for the gaping bit at the back, that is a disappointment. I hope someone comes up with a suggestion for you. The color is so nice on you that I hope it does get worn, although I understand the disappointment.

  2. Like the drape of the blouse and the funny face you're making.
    (But you know you can crop photos, right?)

  3. Hi Robin! It's good to see this top on someone. Am I right in thinking there is a CB seam in the neckband and it's square? If so unpick the back neck and taper the CB seam, like a V. This will make the neckband sit flat. I wondered about the neckband drafting when I saw the pattern piece. Your top seems to confirm my theory. HTH

  4. That's too bad, because it is a nice color and a cute style. Maybe you will be able to fix it up or like it better under a jacket.

  5. That gaping is a shame, because like all said it is a very nice style and your fabric is such a pretty color. Would you be able to incorporate a dart somehow in the back collar piece and bring that in??

  6. I personally love your expression in the photo. It captures exactly your opinion of the blouse. Cheer up, the color looks wonderful on you!

  7. I really like it to tell you the truth - especially the collar - I do like it! But, I completely understand being disappointed in a project - if I'm ever disappointed - it's always a top or dress - never skirt or pants. . . .

  8. I think the pictures are hysterical!! I hope you are able to fix the problem! The fabric is very pretty - I love that color.

  9. The face...classic. That's my "aw, hell" face when I have a pointy boob, too short hem, crooked get the idea. I agree with the above suggestions (to make a V in an already existing seam or add a dart). The best part is now you get to unpick the seam. g-r-e-a-t (read as sarcasm)

  10. I want to buy this pattern and glad you made it first. I think the v-seam suggestion may work, but I am having a hard time visualizing a v-seam. So once you try that, if you do, please show a photo. Other than the gaping back neck it is nice top and I like your facial expression.

    I have been working on a BWOF skirt pattern that seems to keep growing no matter how deep the seams are I keep taking. I think it is perhaps time for me to remeasure myself so I can better judge what size to make.

  11. I hope Belinda's suggestion works. It looked to me that the back neckline is too low. Did you stabilize it? Maybe it stetched and is now sitting too low....only guessing though ;)

  12. Great picture, it tells exactly how you feel. Hope you find a solution, I have this pattern too and want to sew it soon. Belinda's solution might be good (though I haven't yet looked at the pattern pieces).

  13. I love that top. I hope you can use Sew4Fun's suggestion. The fabric is really nice and the rest of the design is flattering. Good luck!

  14. Your expression is priceless! Is it possible the shoulder alterations you made have thrown out the back of the collar? The idea to stitch a v seam is a good one, that way you would only be taking excess fabric from the edge of the collar.

    The colour is great on you and the rest of it is a winner, hope you can rescue it :-)

  15. Like the drape of the blouse and the funny face you're making.

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