Saturday, January 16, 2010

check this out- if you can sew, you can build

Sorry I have nothing stylish of my own to share today.  I am sewing curtains.  Check out this blog I recently discovered:
Knock Off Wood and read about the author Ana White.

She has a real can-do attitude (and aptitude) that resonates with me, and I bet a lot of sewing fans will relate to her, too.  People like us, we are an interesting bunch; with our analytical & creative abilities.

Once again, I say Yay for the Internet!

*Hope your weekend is a creative one*


  1. What this girl can do with a 2x4, a saw, hammer, nails and paint is amazing. Best photo was her daughter painting her own chair though. Now I want to make a bench for the foot of the bed in my guest room.

  2. I saw that photo! So cute- she gave her 3yo toddler the tiniest paint brush she could find and let her have at it. Smart way to keep toddler entertained and what a cute chair. Inspiring!

  3. Ana's work is amazing. She makes you feel that anyone can build her own furniture.

  4. I found that site yesterday via Young House Love and was really impressed. Bookmarked it of course ;)

  5. Wow, what a fabulous and inspiring blog. I love that ANa considers herself a wuss about the saw...power tools intimidate me. But after all, my sewing machine is just a different power tool, and it's already a Huskvarna tool:-) Watching the Ravens here in FL with fingers crossed.

  6. I've gotten so many fabulous sites from your surfing! Thanks for doing all the footwork for me!

  7. What a fabulous site. And inspiring too. There are several things I want to make. And I love her spirit and the way she let her daughter help. I'm a wuss about the power saw too, but I'd rather build it myself than pay a lot of money for something I could build just as badly, or maybe even better.


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