Sunday, January 31, 2010

black, black, easy, easy

I am still Sewing With A Plan, even though I hardly have time to post about it- and I may not finish.  But when I have time to sew, I make sure it coordinates.  Here are 2 easy pieces I sewed this weekend.  The skirt is really short and tight, and meant to be worn under the sweater coat I sewed. 
The top is self-drafted using shams' instructions (see her blog post here)
And I will wear my tall black boots- this is just what was handy for a quick outfit.

Goodness, I have been busy; almost overwhelmed for the last month or so.  I've been transitioning to my new weekday Baltimore digs.  That is actually very nice because my sister is my landlord.  We have dreamed up a nice little makeover for her /my rental apartment and it's going to be awesome.  The kitchen will be ripped out and the floors refinished while I am away in Korea at the end of February.

Of course, Korea!  I am taking two weeks off from work and travelling to the other side of the world.  That is a break from my routine, that's for sure. 
I am ready. Oh. So. Ready to see Asia. 
I can totally understand why people love travel and I am so grateful to have a chance to see new places soon. I hear the buttons are amazing :)
I sew to relax- and sewing did its' magic on me this weekend.
*I hope you've had a little creative chill, too*


  1. Great looking outfit. Enjoy your trip and bring home lots of buttons, they don't take much room in a suitcase!

  2. You forgot "cute, cute!" Looks great!

  3. This is a great outfit! And I'm glad things are working out for you!

  4. Looking good, Robin...Very good!

    Really looking forward to your reports from Korea etc. You ARE going to post aren't you? lol

    (No pressure)

  5. Nice outfit. Definitely bring back some great finds from your trip!

  6. Very nice outfit. You look great!

    What pattern did you use for the skirt?

  7. Great outfit, and have a great time in Korea! Don't just buy fabric; try to get some great shoes or something, too. Of course, everyone is tiny there, so they may not have your size in anything. Anyway, it will be fabulous.

  8. You look great in your outfit. Really young (but not too young, KNIM?).
    Have a great time in Korea. I taught there in the 90's. Lots of great shopping! English books were $$$ so bring some with you- although it could easily have changed since I was gone.

  9. Ditto what the others said. A bunch of us bloggers got that same email. It's not a contest but a random drawing sweepstakes. You could make a pillowcase and still win. I'll pass.

  10. Thanks everybody for your nice comments (I truly appreciate the support!).

    Ann, for the skirt I used Bernina My Label. It has a pattern for a straight skirt. To spiff it up just a bit, I pressed the seams open and then top-stitched with a 3-thread coverhem. On the backside, I trimmed away the excess seam allowance to make a nice flat finish. Very helpful with this bulky double-knit. It's so hard to photograph black, I couldn't capture that detail.

    LindseyT, I posted that email from Janmie hoping to lure a neice or a friend to learn how to sew. I don't much care about winning a contest or a giveaway (especially since I already have more than my share of sewing machines). But I sure would like to help someone learn to sew so we can collaborate instead of me just sewing for them.
    But, I guess sewing is not as exciting to other people as it is to me. I understand ;)

  11. Wow! a trip to Korea! than luck.
    The outfit was beautiful and very easy to wear together with other pieces

  12. Thank you Robin. I really like how it looks, I must make one :)

  13. I think this is an adorable outfit, and those boots really top it off - a workmanlike feel, but with a feminine profile! I've been looking for something along those lines, would you mind sharing where you got them from?

  14. You look so cute!! I hope you have a great time in Korea!!

  15. Thank you Rachel! These boots are over 10 years old; they are Paddock boots made by Ariat. They are, by far, the most comfortable walking boots I own. They are my 'go to' footwear when I need to be on my feet a lot.


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