Saturday, September 26, 2009

Next up - a comfy cardi

Stephanie asked, what's next? That's what I am wondering, too! I have loved wearing those knit cardigans all last week. So I thought I'd tackle this wrap jacket by Christine Jonson:

Since I already have a bodice pattern that fits well in the shoulders, I will use that in conjunction with this pattern. Let me know if you want to see how I do that and I'll post about it. It save me from sewing a muslin to check for fit.
*What else I've been doing*
Last weekend, I looked for a very simple pants pattern in the Burda magazine and I chose #118 from the April 2009 issue. I sewed a size 44 in muslin to check fit. It was darn close. I took it in along the side seams and it looked worse. Hmmmm, why, oh why?
I pulled out my copy of Pants For Any Body by Pati Palmer. I had wrinkles pointing to the crotch and decided not to show that lovely image. But I figured out I needed to add more to the inseam. So, I sewed another muslin in a size 42, with extra added to the inseam. I also added a full inch to accomodate my longer torso (imagine a horizontal line across the hips).
Voila! Now I know what fitting adjustments I need to sew BWOF pants! Is that happy news or what?!
But before I could do anything with that revelation, I stumbled across J.Stern's blog. If you click on her website, go to the bottom right and click on her blog. There you will find the most wonderful posts that teach all the nitty gritty details on sewing her jeans pattern. I especially like the post on fitting. So- even though my verision will NOT look like the picture, I am sure I can have fun with this pattern. So yep. that arrived in the mail yesterday.

I have decided to go with the quickest project in the pile and that would be the wrap jacket.
My sewing time is very limited right now. The condo in on the market. I have left my sewing nook set up- it looks pretty cute. But the realtor advised me to remove all the "clutter", which means the foot pedal and cord are packed away, all the notions are packed away. ...sigh.... Even my cutting /pressing station is packed away! I cannot describe how frustrating it is to be without my sewing on weeknights.
Well, this too shall pass..... Dear Husband has already assured me that I can sew as much as I like this weekend.
I wonder if he needs me to get in a better mood?! Ha ha.
It's nice to have him on my side. I think he likes me.
Have yerself some Happy Sewing!!
Make a mess and leave it out (and think of me, lol)
Thanks for stopping by-
I love seeing your blogs and I appreciate your comments

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Situation

I went shopping and I bought a belt and a pair of shoes. I just decided I need more accessories. This belt is the Roped Rodeo belt from Chico's.
These shoes are Boullion by ecco. I got them in black patent leather! (yes, pretty wild for me ;) I do not expect to wear these together, I just happened to buy them today.

The situation here with me is fitness. I am getting into better shape than I ever expected. The funny thing is that I did not set out to do this - it just happened when I stopped eating wheat. And somewhere along the line, Howie and I got really serious about exercising. So, I am having fun with style. It is more fun when you feel good.
Since most of my clothes don't fit, I will have to enjoy this opportunity to refresh my wardrobe. I mean, I don't want to gain weight just so my clothes will fit, right? I doubt if I could anyway. The truth is I have never been to good at choosing my weight. All I can do is choose my diet and choose to exercise and the rest falls into place.
Yikes, I am watching some guy on tv saying that all pornography is homosexual pornography. That is weird! Totally non-sewing related, too, huh?!
I promise to return to our favorite topic asap!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Tank Top and Tunic Together- finally!

More than a year ago, I made a silk chiffon tunic. I loved the fabric and I loved the pattern but the end result was a little off. I never wore it.

Then in June 2009, I got a piece of solid blue silk crepe de chine and I made a tank top to wear under the tunic. I never wore the tank top, either!

The tunic just didn't hang right.
So this week, while I had free time, I pulled the tunic out of the depths of the closet and decided I had made the neckline too high in the back, which made it shift to the back. I cut the neckline down by an inch (the facing was originally 2 inches wide - you can see I cut it down to 1 inch at center back.
Now the hem hangs level all the way around - tunic saved from wadderville!

We have typical autumn weather, cool in the morning but up to 81 degrees Fahrenheit by late afternoon. We went to the movies and saw "Informant!". What a great movie!!
If you were an adult working in a corporate setting in the 1980s-90s, you will recognize the decor and fashion. I just loved that aspect of the film, not to mention the soundtrack. The lush orchestration by Marvin Hamlisch really set the mood. Loved it!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

encouraged and discouraged? not sure! BOTH

Today I went shopping. How long has it been? I have been sewing most of my own clothing for a couple years now. But I just can't keep up. If I had stayed the same size for the last 2 years, I would have a very nice wardrobe now.
Howie and I went to Tyson's Corner because they have pretty much anything you could want there.

LLBean has some pretty frumpy duds, by the way.
I did not purchase anything there.
Then I went into J.Jill.

I found clothes that fit me. And I liked them.

I could hear another customer in the dressing room next to me, saying "Everything is so long!"

The block they are using has small shoulders like mine.

There were nice salespeople there.

I told them, "I am freaking out a little bit- there is so much to choose from and I am not used to finding things that fit me- please help me put together some outfits". I bought all of these pieces and now I don't have to look at the empty closet. I am not really sure what to do with the clothes that are too big now. Give them away?
What happened? I had to change my diet for health reasons, and I accidentally lost weight and felt more energetic. So I went to more exercise classes at the gym. And now, I feel great. I am so happy to wear something besides the same things over and over!
And yes, I do have some beautiful pieces in the stash that will work beautifully with blue, teal and brown. I am thinking I'd like to sew a jacket. Won't it be nice to slow down and take my time? yes.....
It feels a little weird, though.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

think Star Trek

Sorry I am not posting a picture of the finished dress I started last weekend. I hated it the minute I tried it on. I looked like Dr. Spock! Howie said, "that is the guy who wrote the baby books; you look like Mr. Spock".
OK, well whatever. (blech!!)

My sewing mojo was crushed, but only temporarily. When I saw the Diane Von Furstenburg dress that Kathryn sewed for her daughter, my pain was eased. A knit dress CAN be beautiful, and she described how to make it so in her blog.

I look forward to seeing Bill Cunningham's "On the Street" photographs in the New York Times on Sundays. This outfit slays me. Look at how the front of the blouse is cut on the bias, making the stripes glide across her body. The blouse stops at her waist (I look for things like this because I am long in the body, too.) The blousiness at the wrists will feel ultr-feminine to wear. The long 80's-ish skirt makes me a little weak. The shoes. Oh the shoes. I love them so. I know they are risky to your health and they make me tower well over six feet tall. And I really can't wear them anymore- my feet are too picky about comfort. But thank you anonymous lady, for wearing that outfit!

And this. Donna Karan. How do you do it? Year after year? And that belt! Who can wear a belt over a bulky fur vest? Who knows? More importantly, who cares?! I am just happy to see an image that pleases me from head to toe. I love, love, love this silhouette. And yes, the shoes. LOVE THEM.
I am sewing ling erie these days, too. Sorry, just don't feel comfortable posting those pics here. But it is fun, people, it is FUN. I love sewing small pieces. There is hardly any pressing to be done. No serger required. And Pfaffie loves to sew these fiddly fabrics.

Off to enjoy the outdoors and some downtown date action.
Oh those shoes!! And here I am wearing orthopedic styles. Oh well, I had a good run. I'll leave these shoes to the young folk - you can have your turn at it now :)

Enjoy your sewing, even your failures. It's a good thing I enjoyed the process.

Saturday, September 5, 2009