Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Long Sleeved T-Shirts

I sewed 3 new long-sleeved T-shirts to go with my Missoni knit cardigan. This was an exciting event for me because I made good use of my coverhem machine for the first time. For the necklines, I just turned the edge over (about 3/8" seemed good). You can see on the purple shirt, I used purple thread in the needles, but lazily left the black in the looper.
I am so pleased with how easy this was! I have to thank Debbie Cook who puts fantastic tutorials on her blog Stitches and Seams. My dealer recommended that I get the Babylock Eclipse, you know the one with 28 spools of thread and it looks like a space ship. Thanks to Debbie, I knew to get 2 separate machines. I got the Imagine overlock and the BLCS coverhem. I keep them side by side, making it very easy to whip up a quick knit top. The dealer didn't even have the coverhem in stock; in fact they were puzzled that I wanted it as a separate machine.
And the dark olive works great with a cardigan I made a while back, so I am wearing it today.
So does the color in this room look incredibly pretty?? I know, I know!! It is scrumptious.
I have painted the WHOLE condo over the last 2 weeks. That is 2 coats of paint in 4 rooms.
It looks amazing. When I have completed the window treatments I will give you a little tour of the "after" pictures.
I highly recommend the design advice from This Young House blog. Only $60 for a phone call (I got the quickie decorating chat- I sent in pictures and Sherry called me with advice).
My expectations were way, way exceeded. I really don't do well with decorating decisions. I agonize, then I second-guess myself. This way, I just execute the plan and enjoy it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Action Shots of the vest for my sister

I am so busy right now -I have a few projects going (going great, too!!)
Next I will be sewing muslins to take to a fitting workshop in early April.
I am having way too much fun.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In the name of sisterhood, I have this to say:

First of all, THANKS! Linda (DanvilleGirl) and Cennetta (Mahogany Stylist)- I am grateful that you consider me worthy of the sisterhood award!!
I'll come along and post more, but for now, here is what is on my mind:

If you don't feel entirely 100% confident, then fake it til you make it!
You will be just fine!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Warm Windows Shade - one way to hang it

On Friday, the weather was gorgeous! So I did what everyone did- I made the most of it. Yes, I worked on my Warm Windows shade, hee hee.  Am I the only person who stays inside on a beautiful day because I am obsessed with a project?

This photo shows the 1x2 pine board I had to install in order to have some sort of a frame to work with. I am making the shade extra tall to balance the other window in the room. The dark strips you see are magnetic. There are also magnetic pieces sewn inside the side seams of the shade.

Ah, yes, there is standing water on the flat roof outside this window. At some point, it will be my excruciating responsibility to engage with the condo owners board to resolve this issue. Not looking forward to it.
My trusty cutting table sure comes in handy on large projects. It is a hollow core door on IKEA legs.
And now we see the results of a solid hour of climbing up and down, some long division to calculate distances, hand screwing the pulleys into the pine board.
If you lay down on the bed, you can admire the work easily. The nice breeze distracts one from the standing water on the roof. That was enough for one day.

Next up- sew on all the little rings, figure out the cords and hang 'er back up. It is so easy to attach it to the header with the velcro.

Edited to add:  Eventually, I decided the wood frame was just a little weird looking.  It worked just fine this way, but I went on to remove the wood frame from the side and I painted the wall with magnetic paint.  Worked great!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Vest-y Missoni sweater knit

Here's where the Missoni sweater knit stands. The sleeves are folded up to see if I like it, and I do. Perhaps the elbow length sleeves will work on a future project. The band is sewn (thank you for your comments!! It really helped) And I still need to devise a hem or some kind of seam finish.
I found the prettiest buttons -they look like mother of pearl in a dark plum color (sorry karent, I ran over to G Street! :)
I took a scrap of the knit with me and I picked up a couple knits that will be perfect for long sleeved t-shirts. I have noticed that I wear the same thing every weekend, so it's time to sew some weekend clothes, too.
Fun! I hope you all had a nice relaxing weekend.
Happy Sewing!