Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sinterklaas -I say let's Celebrate!

Sinterklaas is the 5th of December, when people in The Netherlands give gifts to each other, together with little teasing rhymes.

First, the little teasing rhyme-  I  credit  the incredibly talented and funny Selfish Seamstress:

Every gift I sew
is one fewer thing for me
Bite me, Holidays

I don't exactly feel that way (but it is funny!).

And now here is a little gift; a gift of information. Go dig out your August /September issue of Threads and you will find an article by Kenneth King where he shows how to match plaids using his tailoring techniques. This fits right in with the info in his book on tailoring I reviewed in a recent post.  Instead of using an opague underlining, he uses silk organza to mark the pattern- of course you can see right through organza and you can match plaids easily.

I was really psyched when my stepkids asked for sewn Christmas gifts.  I am much happier sewing for them than battling the crowds in the mall and wondering what they might like.  This way, they told me what they would like.  The first gift is finished and you can read my pattern review if you are interested (see the sidebar down below).
I am on to the next gift- a wool flannel mens shirt. I am drafting the pattern based on a favorite shirt and I used Kenneth's technique to draft the pocket flap.
What a great tutorial in the Threads mag!

Isn't this a pretty view in my sewing room?
*Happy Sinterklaas*


  1. *Happy Sinterklaas* to you too!

    lol....funny rhyme :)

    How nice that your stepkids asked for sewn gifts. That is a wonderful compliment.

  2. I absolutely adore Kenneth - he is so generous which to me is a dead giveaway for a truly creative person. Truly creative people have so many things going on that they are usually quick to give things away! Love your little Sinterklaas ditty!

  3. Happy Nicholas' Day! When I was little, I'd find very small gifts tucked inside my shoe on the 5th - a cultural transfer from the Swedes to the north, and one all us kids loved very much. Merry Christmas to all on Earth!

  4. Nice rhyme, it's the kind we do. We had a great Sinterklaasavond, and I love the tradition of the rhymes. As parents of teenagers we now get teased by our children too. In a friendly way, and it's nice to see what they come up with.

    Thanks for the information on Kenneth King's article, I'm a big fan. This week I tried one of his techniques from the book Cool Couture (blog about it later) and was amazed again how he is an original interpreter of techniques. and so willingly sharing, he's wonderful.

  5. Forgot to say: what a lovely picture from your window.

  6. How nice that your stepkids asked for sewn gifts. That is a wonderful compliment.

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