Sunday, December 6, 2009

should I - or shouldn't I? I think I will ...

I will blog about my holiday sewing.  This year, I am sorta going all out on sewing gifts.  I made a dress for Kelly and I am half way through a flannel shirt for Daniel, to be followed by a corduroy shirt for Doug.  They are all in shades of green.

Here is the hem I sewed today that finishes Kelly's dress.  I used a narrow zig-zag and a rolled hem foot and I am really happy with the result.  It didn't like going over seams, so I sewed the hem by hand at the side seams and center back seam.

And I continued on with Daniel's shirt.  I made the pattern by copying from a favorite shirt of his.  I was actually going to use a real pattern (you know, store-bought) and use the tracing as a guideline for size.  But the mens BWOF shirt patterns are waaaaaay too big for him, so I went ahead and drafted the whole thing out.  Working with pencil and paper and arithmetic seemed appropriate for a Daniel gift (he is an engineering student, he would like having arithmetic in his clothing, I think)

I am so loving this wool flannel.  Just a nice fabric to work with.
I didn't sew anything for Laura, I just figure she probably doesn't have a lot of space for goofy Home Dec projects despite how much I love sewing weird things for her.  And she knows I'll sew her whatever she wants anytime, anyway.  I'll mail off her boxes tomorrow.  It is so weird not having her here for the holidays!! And when I see her pics on Flickr, I just thing, "whoa Korea is a foreign country!"
But I just remember how much fun we had last summer and I look forward to travelling in the spring to see Asia with her.  That will be amazing.  I hope I can deal!  Seems a little skeery to me!
And with that bit of aimless rambling, I sign off.
*Have Happy Times- whatever /wherever you are*


  1. The hem ~ the shirt ~ looks great! Your pockets are perfect!

  2. The shirt looks wonderful as does the hem. It's nice that they want hand made gifts. It's nice that they appreciate them.
    I know what you mean about your dd being in Korea, that's for sure. I just had a skype video chat with mine, which helps.
    Having traveled in India I know something of what it's like to travel in Asia. Patience is the name of the game, but the best part about it is that you can afford to stay in 5 star hotels.
    You'll be fine.
    I just buy Alex a gift card from What the Book as they have a very good online English site and she always wants more books.

  3. I like the gifts, it's so nice they appreciate the things you make for them.

  4. Cute!
    I have a nice piece of wool flannel folded up on one of my shelves & I keep pulling it out & looking at it. Someday it will get sewn up into a nice skirt-- wool flannel is such a nice material :-)

  5. Nice gifts! I think they're wonderful - I'm making a few myself.

  6. You have inspired me to get my gift-stitching mojo started! Great job...on those pockets (would they look good on the back of a pair of jeans??)

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  8. I just buy Alex a gift card from What the Book as they have a very good online English site and she always wants more books.

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