Thursday, November 12, 2009

not too busy to blog ...

Don't tell anyone, but I had a colonoscopy today. 
{welcome to your 50's}
So, all right then!
I have been busy ... busy ... busy, you know?  We sold the condo and settlement is scheduled for next week so we moved everything out and cleaned it last weekend.  But I always manage to do a little sewing, even when I am busy.  Here is my latest project, a muslin for the Jalie City Coat:

And I have taken up knitting. I bought knitting needles, a ball of cotton yarn and an instruction booklet. Confusing! so then I looked at youtube- WAY EASIER, but still confusing. Finally I remembered something about the "continental style" and searched on that term. That is how I was taught to knit. OK, now it is making sense! I am looking forward to getting my knit on!

And here is something really exciting- I have signed up to take a 4-day Sit and Sew with Susan Khalje and Kenneth King class in NYC next week.  yippee!  I was supposed to visit Korea in March, then that was put on hold, which made me crave some instant travel gratification.  Now, I am learning that a trip to Korea in February might work out, so lots of good stuff on the horizon.   Good stuff people!!


  1. Oh wow - I just looked at that pattern. What do you think? I am thinking about the Amy Butler laminated cotton when it is released. I have decided I want to tackle a rain coat. I love all of the Jalie patterns I have made and will probably settle on this one or one from BWOF.

  2. Kathi, I think this is a great pattern and it will be so extremely cute in an Amy Butler print. Also there is very little ease in the sleeve caps on this pattern, and that will be a plus when working with fabric that doesn't want to ease very well (which I assume will be the case with laminated cotton).
    Go for it!

  3. Robin how fun to go to a Sit'N'Sew with Susan K and Kenneth K in NYC! I am doing one here with Susan K the first weekend in Dec, GorgeousFabrics is having it at her studio less than 20 miles from me. So looking forweard to it. Must figure out what to do!

    Knitting on Youtube, eh? Maybe that's what it will take for me ...

  4. That is a really nice patttern. I have a few Jalie patterns, mostly tops. I'll have to go and look at the coats!
    Can't wait to see it made up.

  5. At least the good stuff cancels out the colonoscopy. The coat muslin is looking great!

  6. You definitely need some R&R after that procedure! That's a nice looking coat. Very nice. Wow--a class with two of the most sought after people in sewing. How great is that?

  7. Yeah muslin! That looks like it will be a great coat.

    Yeah sit and sew!

    Yeah Korea!

    What a happy post.

  8. I just starting knitting, too. Not sure I'm in love, but still doing it. I'm taking a round of classes that I find very helpful (even if I really dislike the instructor). I've made 4 scarves and a sweater. Working on sweater #2. I learned the English way, btw. A few (or so) decades ago.

  9. I knit "continental" style as well. Much more elegant in that you don't have that flinging of yarn to deal with. The "source" is at left where it needs to be. And, if any of you happen to be left handed and wanting to learn to knit, find a continental knitter and MIRROR her/him.

  10. Your muslin looks great. I have that pattern and now I think I had better get going on it. I like it with the hood, too. I hadn't even considered that til now.
    I am totally envious of your and BetsyV's Sit and Sew experiences. I hope you take lots of pics and do a play by play for us!

  11. Wow, a class with Kenneth King and Susan Khalje. So wishing I could join you.
    Great muslin, I made the coat 2 years ago and loved to wear it, must make another one sometime).
    Thinking about knitting again too, haven't done so in 15 years, but would love to start something again (must be in the air).
    (hope you're well, best wishes)

  12. Hope you enjoy the knitting... I love it! It's so portable too... nice to have a simple project to carry along with you.
    And good for you getting that procedure done! Everyone should do what they need to do when it's time to do it.

  13. Your muslin looks great. I like this pattern.
    Wish Susan Khalje and Kenneth King would do a sit n sew around here :)
    Have a great time.

  14. Hey Robin,
    Your muslin looks good enough to wear! ...I tried to take up knitting too (My picture would show balls of yarn that have been re-rolled up several time because I keep taking my progress out when I see a mistake ... I put it on the shelf, maybe I should take it down and try again!

  15. I have been avoiding that "procedure" for years! But this week I will be having a mammogram (free here for over 50's).
    That muslin looks good and you have made me think about knitting. It would be a good project while watching TV with the girls. They don't actually watch - they are on their

  16. hey its looking so cute thanks for sharing this with us.. i like it very much.

  17. Bring your knitting for the train. Getting excited!!!

  18. I'd rather have a colonoscopy than get my teeth cleaned! I've had two of them; just knock me out!


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