Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Marji and Robin hit Mood

Marji and Robin, originally uploaded by alittlesewing.
Marji and I dropped off the luggage and hit the pavement. We made our way over to Mood Fabrics. I really didn't think I would buy anything, I was just curious, you know> HA - famous last words!
Marji is just the nicest person. We talked non-stop from Baltimore to NYC and she showed me a bunch of knitting techniques, too.
When we arrived in New York, a distinguished looking gentlemen stood up, turned around and asked us, very politely, "Are you going to New York for a sewing contest?"
ROFL. (Is that right Marji? Or was it a knitting contest?) He seemed amused and slightly impressed with our focus on the subject matter!

Oh yeah, and I DID buy a few things that I know I won't find anywhere else. I got 4 pieces of rayon jersey knit for dresses and a gorgeous coating. I sure would love to use that coating for this project, but alas, it does need to be steamed and I am too tired to deal with it tonight.
Oh, I am so glad I came!


  1. I love that guy behind you in picture is wearing a yarmulka. As a Jew, I felt so at home in NYC.

  2. I love shopping in Mood! You can find the most amazing fabrics and just get lost in all the bolts :) Enjoy your workshop! Looking forward to seeing your project.

  3. Yay! You look like you're in fabric heaven!

  4. Ummm, I thought y'all were just going to look! That's quite a few pieces and not just white shirting fabric! *LOL*

  5. I love the big smiles on your faces!

  6. Isn't Mood fabulous?! I am dying to hear yours and Marji's take on the garment district. I know it's Marji's first time; yours too, Robin?

  7. The picture says it all, you're enjoying yourselves.
    Looking forward to your coat.

  8. Oh it looks like a fabulously productive trip to Mood. And now that I have seen the actual haul it looks even better.


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