Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's not just couture sewing, folks, there is knitting, too

So last night, there were noises keeping me awake and I needed an earplug. 
I knitted one.
I sleep on my side, so one ear was jammed into the pillow.  It worked, too.

Not bad for a cell phone pic, eh.  Well, I don't think a fancy camera is a requirement when you are just taking a picture of a knitted ear plug.


  1. Knitting sure comes in handy!!! ;) great idea.

  2. I clicked thinking was going to get an update on the sewing weekend and I got EARPLUGS?!? That's just hysterical.

  3. Cute! But I also spy with my little eye your new, Kenneth-fitted jacket lurking in the background....

  4. Am I jealous of your NYC trip? YUP! Will you let me know next time you plan one??


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