Sunday, November 1, 2009


When in doubt, strike a pose!  This is my ballerina self.  I am wearing a blue t-shirt I sewed. 
Anyway, remember my car? Well, it has gone to Subaru heaven. 

I always said I would go buy an new Subaru exactly like my old one, but I didn't.  I got this Scion xB.   It is a most wonderful color that reminds me of my favorite nail polish (a discontinued color called "Violine").

My old car was still going strong with 224,000 miles on it. Well, except the A/C only worked intermittantly.  And it smelled like mildew after a hard rain.  But other than that, it really was awesome.  That car served me so wellover the years and I loved it.

Being attached to my car, it was hard to lookfor a new one, but I knew it was time.
I asked Howie to find me something comfortable.  The budget was enough to get a lightly-used Lexus, BMW or Volvo, and frankly that's what I was expecting.  To my delight, he found something much more economical, and comfortable and fun, to boot.

Did you know that these new Toyotas need an oil change every 5k miles instead of 3k?  And the rest of the routine maintenance is a lot less, too.  So here I am driving a car with "new car" smell- another thing I said I would never do.
Well, actually, ahem, I am not.  He has agreed to drive the car until the new smell is gone so I am driving his car for a while.   I am an old dog, learning new tricks and one of them is marriage.
I like being married. :)


  1. Congrats on the new car, it looks very cute.

  2. I love it - I bought an Element for a cross-country trip and ended up keeping it and I can't give it up - there is nothing ever wrong with it - so reliable and great for adventure and dogs:) Have fun - I think the root beer colored scion is fantastic and hip!

  3. Congratulations on your new car :)
    It's a very nice looking car.

  4. I always feel like I am loosing an old and trusted friend when I have to give up a car. Needless to say I haven't done it often, the last one had about as much mileage as your old subaru and that was 10 years ago. Now that I don't go out much I expect to have this car a long time yet.

    Violine is one of my favorite colors of nail polish. Your new car must be gorgeous!

  5. Oh enjoy your new car! Your t-looks good also.

  6. Have fun in your new car!! I hope you are able to get over 200,000 miles out of this one! How is the house sale/move going?

  7. How fun! I'm looking at a new Kia Soul. This is on my list too :)

  8. you will love this little car. I have a 2006 one (mine is still the really square body style) I would not trade this car for anything, except another one. It gets great gas mileage, easy to get in and out of, but best of all, it has a great turn radius; therefore you can get in the parking space going the wrong direction >:)

  9. Wild wheels! But, I really want to know what "make and model" your jeans are. They look great, you look great in them, and I want some. I make blouses, vests, jackets - even fleece socks. But, I'd rather buy my jeans. Your jeans, actually. Please share the info.

  10. Jeans info: Eddie Bauer womens Natural Fit Boot cut (regular size 12; I am tall in my upper body and sorta regular in pants.)

    Glad to hear good reviews on the Scion xB!

    I lurve that Kia Soul, too. I love that it is made in Korea where excellent design is hotly pursued by the mayor of Seoul. And I like the play on words; Kia Soul = Korea Seoul

  11. Nice! Hope you get to drive it soon...


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