Friday, October 30, 2009

Not every body has 8 heads

Check this out - this guy says as few as 6 heads may be desired for a petite female.  Well, all righty then!

It's not hard to find more information about body proportions.  I found this interesting pic on a site called craftworks where it was posted to help doll-makers.

As far as using the information in sewing, I am considering the truism that when you put on weight, it will settle in your shortest quadrant.  We may, perhaps, seek to select silhouettes to counter that effect!

But it is more fun and positive to focus on where the opportunities are.  The longest quadrant becomes the canvas for sewing & styling efforts.

On me, my "canvas" is in the upper chest, so necklines and necklaces will be fun to play with.
I intend to use this information to focus my sewing, and how I work the jewelry.

Focus is a good thing!  It helps me drop the ideas on sewing jeans or embellished skirts.  I am better off to keep bottoms quiet and simple.  I'll be adding details and embellishment on the canvas!  I guess that makes my legs just the easel stand, eh?
*Happy Sewing!*


  1. I have a very good book that deals only with proportion. It's an old book called "Flatter Your Figure" by Jan Larkey. Still available at Amazon.

  2. Great information! I'll have to decide what my canvas is. I'm thinking it's my legs...
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I don't know about my canvas. I think it depends more upon my mood!!!!! Depending upon the outfit, I think I can manage to make either half of my body the canvas.

  4. This is interesting, but being an artist, this is how I'm able to draw the body somewhat correctly

  5. Ditto what Imogen said - the canvas and easel. My legs are definitely my shortest 2 quadrants. Long through torso. Maybe your understanding of this proportion issue is why those jeans (that was me asking for info) in the "new car" post are just right.


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