Saturday, October 17, 2009

Leonardo da Vinci and me

So anyway, it's all about me.  Me and my relationship with Leonardo da Vinci. 
(Imogen explains it in her blog post here)
In my Style Guide from Imogen, she applied these concepts to my specific case, lol, and it is a case.

This morning, while Howie did his crossword puzzle, I played with pencil and paper to see just where I stand with Leonardo.

I like the way Imogen explained it to me.
I think I get it now.  My longest quandrant is the one where I used a green marker.  In my sewing I will make sure I place necklines where I have indicated, as these produce better proportion.

And look at the difference between the ideal on the left (I drew her a little too skinny- just ignore that- I wasn't sure Id have enough room on the page so she turned into a Ralph Lauren photoshop disaster, oops)

I can see that my proportions below my bustline are not all that weird, but above the bustline, I am just way off the charts.  No wonder nothing ever fit me - in RTW or when sewing a pattern straight out of the envelope.


Sooo... still pondering ....  this seems like a breakthrough concept for me.
What do you think ?
(and not what do you think about me :0 ...)
Do you want a closer relationship with Leonardo?
I can post more  how I figured out these heights on myself.
*Hope you are enjoying yourself, wherever you are*


  1. Very interesting...I did a body map per Pati Palmer's book "Real Fit for Real People"'re's an eye opener!

  2. Very interesting. I also did the Pati Palmer body map but I like how you did yours. When I get some time I definitely want to this comparison.

  3. Yes, I'd definitely like to know how you did that; especially determining the lines by your waist/high hip/elbow? And I'd also like more info on your arrangement with Imogen...maybe by email?

  4. Yes, more info on your body map would be interesting. I have plans to the the palmer/pletsch one too but haven't got round to it - isn't that always the way??

  5. I kind of did that roughly, very roughly, when Imogen posted it but need to go back again and do it correctly.

  6. Tell us more about this...*listens intently*

  7. Yes, I'd really like to hear more about the quadrants and how you figured it all too.
    Thanks for posting all this!

  8. Love your drawings! Did you know that your body proportions are really normal - I see lots of women with similar ones!


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