Saturday, October 3, 2009

Christine Johnson Travel Trio One Jacket: shoulder alteration

Here is how I did it. The white pattern is a simple bodice that fits me. I printed it out from Bernina My Label pattern-making software. You could use Wild Ginger Boutique, or take an online class at or find someone locally to create a basic bodice pattern for you. The black lines on the white paper are the stitching lines. The tissue pattern was cut without any seam allowance. The edge of the tissue pattern is the stitching line.
It is important to locate the grainline and a horizontal line. My horizontal line intersects the bottom of the armscye. I only altered the tissue pattern to match the white pattern throughout the armscye, neckline and shoulders.
In addition to altering the bodice, I re-shaped the sleeve cap to be a little taller and more forward. Since I KNOW this white pattern fits me, I just moved ahead without sewing a muslin first. I had a gorgeous piece of wool jersey knit in purple. I finished the jacket today and I love it.
I'll post more when I have photos.
Super great fun day today. GORGEOUS weather. Howie took me down to the Sewing Expo where I met Jennifer Stern. She had a whole lot of sample garments, and I was quite inspired by her work. More to come! I only wish I had taken more photos. I'll post what I have soon.
Happy Weekend!!
Questions? Ask away!

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  1. Thank you for your explanation and pictures. I am eager to see the finished cardigan.


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