Sunday, September 6, 2009

think Star Trek

Sorry I am not posting a picture of the finished dress I started last weekend. I hated it the minute I tried it on. I looked like Dr. Spock! Howie said, "that is the guy who wrote the baby books; you look like Mr. Spock".
OK, well whatever. (blech!!)

My sewing mojo was crushed, but only temporarily. When I saw the Diane Von Furstenburg dress that Kathryn sewed for her daughter, my pain was eased. A knit dress CAN be beautiful, and she described how to make it so in her blog.

I look forward to seeing Bill Cunningham's "On the Street" photographs in the New York Times on Sundays. This outfit slays me. Look at how the front of the blouse is cut on the bias, making the stripes glide across her body. The blouse stops at her waist (I look for things like this because I am long in the body, too.) The blousiness at the wrists will feel ultr-feminine to wear. The long 80's-ish skirt makes me a little weak. The shoes. Oh the shoes. I love them so. I know they are risky to your health and they make me tower well over six feet tall. And I really can't wear them anymore- my feet are too picky about comfort. But thank you anonymous lady, for wearing that outfit!

And this. Donna Karan. How do you do it? Year after year? And that belt! Who can wear a belt over a bulky fur vest? Who knows? More importantly, who cares?! I am just happy to see an image that pleases me from head to toe. I love, love, love this silhouette. And yes, the shoes. LOVE THEM.
I am sewing ling erie these days, too. Sorry, just don't feel comfortable posting those pics here. But it is fun, people, it is FUN. I love sewing small pieces. There is hardly any pressing to be done. No serger required. And Pfaffie loves to sew these fiddly fabrics.

Off to enjoy the outdoors and some downtown date action.
Oh those shoes!! And here I am wearing orthopedic styles. Oh well, I had a good run. I'll leave these shoes to the young folk - you can have your turn at it now :)

Enjoy your sewing, even your failures. It's a good thing I enjoyed the process.


  1. I wear Danskos most of the time due to foot issues - I can totally relate!! Plus, I have a really skinny foot and can only wear a few styles of the Danskos. The neat styles don't fit!
    Sorry your dress didn't work. It looked okay in the previous post!

  2. I thought you had bought Juki a while ago ... but I cannot find it here. I wanted to ask you what was the size of the opening in the table, if you would be so kind as to measure it for me. I am trying to determine if my Janome 6500 will fit in an industrial table. Thanks!


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