Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Situation

I went shopping and I bought a belt and a pair of shoes. I just decided I need more accessories. This belt is the Roped Rodeo belt from Chico's.
These shoes are Boullion by ecco. I got them in black patent leather! (yes, pretty wild for me ;) I do not expect to wear these together, I just happened to buy them today.

The situation here with me is fitness. I am getting into better shape than I ever expected. The funny thing is that I did not set out to do this - it just happened when I stopped eating wheat. And somewhere along the line, Howie and I got really serious about exercising. So, I am having fun with style. It is more fun when you feel good.
Since most of my clothes don't fit, I will have to enjoy this opportunity to refresh my wardrobe. I mean, I don't want to gain weight just so my clothes will fit, right? I doubt if I could anyway. The truth is I have never been to good at choosing my weight. All I can do is choose my diet and choose to exercise and the rest falls into place.
Yikes, I am watching some guy on tv saying that all pornography is homosexual pornography. That is weird! Totally non-sewing related, too, huh?!
I promise to return to our favorite topic asap!


  1. I need to accessorize more. I appreciate your comments about health and shape as well. I have been exercising and feel so much better when I do it regularly and my clothes fit better.

    Love the shoes, I have a pair from Ecco also. I have such a narrow foot that some of their shoes just don't work for me. But the pair I do have I love and ohhhhhh so comfortable.

  2. I love your explorations into new styles and clothes and sewing of course. Your words strike a chord. I started losing weight when I was finally diagnosed with Celiac disease and stopped eating gluten, and after a long battle with gastric distress which is really what prompted me to stop exercising to begin with, even before my DH was ill. Once I started feeling better and lost some weight I had more energy and wanted to do more. Once I started exercising again I enjoyed it and felt even better. It also started to change how I look. I say I intend to lose weight, but basically I want to be healthy and am more than willing to accept whatever my body says it is going to be. At the same time this is fun, this learning what I want to wear. I wonder how it will all end up.

    It is a great opportunity though.

  3. Not such a bad problem at all! Congrats on the weight loss.

  4. I really like that belt!! It is one of those belts that will work with so many different outfits and styles.
    The shoes are also cute. My feet are super skinny, so I am limited in shoe choices.

  5. Well done on your new slender form! Now you have a new wardrobe you can have fun sewing things to go with your lovely garments. What's next for you? And btw, those are one very cute pair of patent shoes!

  6. LOVE that belt. I'm going to see if I can find one similar. Thanks for sharing!


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