Saturday, September 26, 2009

Next up - a comfy cardi

Stephanie asked, what's next? That's what I am wondering, too! I have loved wearing those knit cardigans all last week. So I thought I'd tackle this wrap jacket by Christine Jonson:

Since I already have a bodice pattern that fits well in the shoulders, I will use that in conjunction with this pattern. Let me know if you want to see how I do that and I'll post about it. It save me from sewing a muslin to check for fit.
*What else I've been doing*
Last weekend, I looked for a very simple pants pattern in the Burda magazine and I chose #118 from the April 2009 issue. I sewed a size 44 in muslin to check fit. It was darn close. I took it in along the side seams and it looked worse. Hmmmm, why, oh why?
I pulled out my copy of Pants For Any Body by Pati Palmer. I had wrinkles pointing to the crotch and decided not to show that lovely image. But I figured out I needed to add more to the inseam. So, I sewed another muslin in a size 42, with extra added to the inseam. I also added a full inch to accomodate my longer torso (imagine a horizontal line across the hips).
Voila! Now I know what fitting adjustments I need to sew BWOF pants! Is that happy news or what?!
But before I could do anything with that revelation, I stumbled across J.Stern's blog. If you click on her website, go to the bottom right and click on her blog. There you will find the most wonderful posts that teach all the nitty gritty details on sewing her jeans pattern. I especially like the post on fitting. So- even though my verision will NOT look like the picture, I am sure I can have fun with this pattern. So yep. that arrived in the mail yesterday.

I have decided to go with the quickest project in the pile and that would be the wrap jacket.
My sewing time is very limited right now. The condo in on the market. I have left my sewing nook set up- it looks pretty cute. But the realtor advised me to remove all the "clutter", which means the foot pedal and cord are packed away, all the notions are packed away. ...sigh.... Even my cutting /pressing station is packed away! I cannot describe how frustrating it is to be without my sewing on weeknights.
Well, this too shall pass..... Dear Husband has already assured me that I can sew as much as I like this weekend.
I wonder if he needs me to get in a better mood?! Ha ha.
It's nice to have him on my side. I think he likes me.
Have yerself some Happy Sewing!!
Make a mess and leave it out (and think of me, lol)
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  1. "Make a mess", I just left a real mess in my sewing room to go down and read a few blog posts. After dinner I will clean up (having finished 2 projects!) Is there anyone who can sew without making a mess?
    Looking forward to your projects. Nice plans.

  2. Like that cardigan!

    He he, my dining/sewing table is such a mess I have decided to have dinner on the couch while watching a DVD :D

    Reading your blog always cracks me up :) Have a nice weekend!

  3. Great cardigan choice.
    I'm waiting for my J.Stern jean pattern. I like the information she posts about her patterns. I also have her top patterns and am anxious to try them.
    She also has a few videos.

  4. I recently went through this same exercise with a Burda WOF pants pattern. I think it's pretty close, so I plan to make a "real" trial pair to wear so I can tweak more if necessary.

    Enjoy sewing (and messing) this weekend!

  5. I would love to see how you use a well fitting pattern to adjust another pattern. I hope to be able to do that once I get a really well fitted set of garments from BML.

  6. I've not tried any CJ patterns yet. It's on my to-do list to acquire some, but I can't figure out where to start...

    You are moving/selling the condo? I must have missed that bit of news somehow. Will you buy something else close to work?

  7. Robin I have a huge mess - 3 machines and enormous piles of lycra to make colour blocked swimwear all over the dining table. A real estate agent would faint if she walked in! Enjoy your weekend sewing.

  8. Good luck with the sale of your condo and move. There is nothing worse than keeping a place ready to be shown at all times!
    I hope you are having lots of fun sewing this weekend!

  9. GW- yep we decided to sell the condo and after it's sold, we'll decide on next steps. I guess I will go back to the long commute until the right thing comes along. We shall see!

  10. Hope all goes well with your sale. I remember the frustration of people viewing the house, but now have a wonderful sewing room.

  11. Oh fun! I wish I knew how to sew. I can't wait to see how it comes out.

    Have a great weekend!


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