Friday, July 3, 2009

what day is it?

Relief! I pulled a few all-nighters to get the job done and now I can relax. June 30 is my hardest time of year. I actually did some mending at weird hours of the night, while waiting to proceed with next steps in the workplan. I had a nice piece of silk, in case I felt up to some real sewing, but alas, did not possess the necessary attention span to do any real sewing.
That's cool. So glad I have a 3 DAY WEEKEND!!

Look how clean my home office is! I work completely with a computer now- I don't even have pencil & paper! This surprises me- I had doubts I would ever give up my paper. But I guess old dogs can learn new tricks.

update: yeah, karmapolice commented about my laptop (where is the computer screen?!) It's there! This angle is weird, the screen is sitting up in a way that makes it look invisible.
But it makes me think about a sewing idea. I would like to make a pillow-ish thing to put on my lap for the computer. But it has to include ventilation somehow.
Currently, I place a pillow on my lap, a board on top of the pillow and the laptop sits on the board. The white board is a shelf from the closet, actually. I heard that if you leave a laptop on a pillow for too long it will overheat and kill it.
Back to the fun stuff. Outdoors, sunshine, etc.

Happy Sewing!


  1. That is my kind of office! Enjoy the weekend!

  2. im confused..where is the screen to your computer?? haha

  3. Great office! I bought my husband a thingy to set his laptop on that is just like you described. He uses it constantly (from his couch potato position!). Guess it works! I found it at Target for around $20.

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