Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ty Lee

Next up is a costume to be worn to Otakon - this is Ty Lee, who (I think) is a character in a video game. I beleive it is the sort of thing that I would not know about were it not for contact with younger human beings.
I am guessing my best bet is to draft up patterns using Wild Ginger Pattern Master Boutique for quick & dirty fitting as we go. No muslins- this will be a fast project and we'll solve any puzzles as we go.

Sounds like fun, no?


  1. I had to google Otakon, as I've never heard of it. It seems like an awesome convention. Are you taking part or attending as a fan?
    The outfit is awesome too :)

  2. Ah ha ha, you are kidding, right? My 18 year old neice asked for my help - she will attend the conference with friends.

  3. lol :)))) Well I am kidding now :))))
    The fan part was more kidding... Actually I was thinking you might have been going - but to work :})))
    The outfit is still awesome :)

  4. Ty Lee is from Avatar the Last Air Bender.. It's a show, your costume turned out nice though

  5. Thank you Mello :)
    Since 2009, my niece has sewn many more creative costumes. She is a newbie, no longer!


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