Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Progress by leaps and bounds

My husband is a great cook and he has taught both of his kids how to work the kitchen.

I am teaching my niece some sewing and here is my analogy of the situation:

It's like she came and said, "I want to learn how to cook & my first meal will be Thanksgiving dinner - are you up for it?"
I said yes.

We made patterns from scratch, she has learned to thread the machine and wind the bobbin. She sewed lots of the seams, and she fused all of the interfacing. Her interfacing looks perfect. Her seams are straight.

We are working with poly charmeuse satin, poly crinkle stuff and poly duppioni. Not the easiest fabric for your first big project. I have protected her from its horrors for the most part.

And here is a cell phone pic of where we stand:
I am, of course, tired!! I have been sewing my butt off. Ah, middle age. :)

Now if you are related to me and you even act like you might use it, I WILL buy you a sewing machine. It is a compulsion.
Here is what I bought for Lizzy and I LOVE this machine!!
It is Janome 11590 from http://www.overstock.com/

This model is sold by Sears as a Kenmore 16231. Overstock sells it as a refurbished machine. Seriously, this machine purrs like a kitten and makes a beautiful stitch. It has needle-up/down and presser foot adjustment, and an automatic one-step buttonhole.

So..... there is still a skirt to make. But (said with the usual optimism) it seems pretty easy.
Fun for kids.
An education for adults.
(I am getting exposure to anime, manga, cosplay ...)


  1. good for you, and lucky niece. It's so wonderful to pass on our love of sewing.

  2. Looks like it is going well. I have teaching on of my daughters to sew. I have a theory that the garment can't be too simple, because then they don't learn basics like sewing a curve or an angle.

  3. Robin

    What a project! I would love to teach my cousin's daughter to sew but she's not quite 6 and lives several hundred miles from me. boohoo.

    Seriously it looks great. Sounds like she's the kind of person who jumps off into the deep end of the pool and swims.

  4. Looks good so far! You're giving her a skill and freedom create whatever she wants in the future - good for you!

  5. Maybe she's an up and coming seamstress/designer. How good of you to spend your time teaching her to sew. BTW--I volunteer to be your long lost cousin, should you want to purchase a machine for me!

  6. The teens I teach are just like that, wanting to make prom gowns right off the bat. Sigh. I was probably like that too.

  7. Holy Cow! What a great price on that machine...I know there's a lot of buzz around this for the "first machine" but this makes it all totally worth it. How do you like it? Have you sewed on it? I might have to try this so at least I can talk intelligently about it.


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