Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer Fun

I got tired of sewing for myself a few weeks ago, and like magic- other projects just popped up!

Here are a couple things in the works - an overhaul of this Betsy Johnson dress for Kelly, and a bra for my Pilates teacher

Currently, the dress hangs all the way down to her lower calf and we are going to bring it way up to mid knee. If you can see the little pin- that's where the new bodice will begin. This dress is cut on the bias, so it adapts easily to the different girth requirements.

The bra pattern is laid out on my work table, along with the AMAZING Household Goop that I will use on the bra wires. The hardest thing I have found, about bra-sewing, is getting just the right wire. I am still waiting for my order to arrive from Canada and when it gets here, I'll be snipping off just a few centimeters, filing it, then coating it with the AMAZING Household Goop.
Oh yeah, and maybe some athletic wear for myself? I've got just the right fabric for it now, many thanks to Sigrid :)

Reading blogs about sewing is the closest I will get to it today. Of great interest is the detailed information from Barbara about diaper sewing. I was asked about this, so here it is. If you want to save a lot of money on diapers, check out Barbara's post about it.

And thinking about knit swatches. There are some really cute knits out there and a friend asked me what would I make from these knits? I have to say, I am not the best at matching fabrics to patterns, but it is fun to think about. Before even answering that question, I would check out Imogen's blog to learn about body shape. Her blog "Inside Out Style" is on my blog roll over the the right (although the links seem to be working only sporadically, not sure why). She goes way further than to say you are an apple or a pear. She uses an alphabet system and I have learned that I am an "A" so I should dress with emphasis on strong horizontal lines at the shoulder and leave the bottoms boring. No need to draw attention there. In my mind- knowing your body is the best place to start when choosing patterns.
Having said that, I would sew tops from all of these fabrics. The top 2 fabrics have lots of 2-way (east-to-west) stretch and no stretch up & down. Definitely cut your pieces so the stretchy part goes east-west. The uppermost swatch curls a lot, so it's going to be more difficult to handle. Save for a day when you are feeling more patient.
The middle fabric has great recovery (ie, when you pull it and let go, it snaps right back into shape). It is also ribbed and has good body. So this knit won't cling as much as a jersey would It would look beautiful as a twinset and I think it would produce a nice high-end sportswear look. I think it will be easy to handle, too, and sew up very nicely.
And the bottom fabric? OMG is that not just the cutest Missoni-like thing? It has no stretch at all an it's pretty sheer. I've had very good luck using a mesh knit to line something like this. Something like this nude mesh would be invisible underneath, provide structure without being too rigid.
While I am lazing about, others are hard at work. Well, maybe just observing the work being done :)
*Enjoy your weekend*


  1. haha, I think your view of the 'workers' is by far the best one, you and the cat :-)

    I love the hem on the dress you are shortening, that will be a great save for your friend.

    Off to read Imogens blog about body shapes - thanks!

  2. The scalloped skirt godets on that dress are so cute! :-)

  3. great hemline on the dress, it will be gorgeous.
    And though it might be there sometime already, I just noticed the top of your blog: cute picture.

  4. Thanks for the link! Not sure why it doesn't always work - the mysteries of the internet I suppose.

    Love your sewing.

  5. Thanks for the tip on the household goop being good for the tips of underwires. I had so many underwire blow outs because the coating that they use is so thin that it gets rubbed off very easily. I finally broke down and bought a tin of "Tool Dip" which is the stuff you dip your tool handles in to make them easier to grip and also prettier. You can buy it in lots of colours iirc and although a tin is big, I would expect you could decant it into smaller containers that would keep it fresh.


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