Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sewing through the stress

This time of year gets stressful. As we move from one fiscal year to the next, all kinds of data must be carried forward. It has to happen at night (while the users are at home sleeping!) or on the weekend - because the system has to be "quiet".

That means I have to be flexible. In addition to my regular Mon-Fri work week,
I was supposed to start year-end work on Friday at 5:30pm. Some dependencies weren't met, so we guessed I could start around 11:30pm.
OK, only that didn't happen. It turned out to be 4:10am. sigh.

Right now, there is one more job running that could produce errors and it's my job to resolve the errors (if they come up).
We should know around 2am. (five hours from now)

And it isn't June 30 yet. I am preparing for some sleep deprivation over the next few days.
Only - how do you prepare for that?? You can't.
I am already cranky!

I have to work all night on June 30, and I WILL sew during the lulls.
And I have to remind myself that it is good to have a job and it is good to have teamwork. We do have good teamwork.

Yes, I will have some cheese with my whine.


  1. Hey, I know that feeling. Make it a good cheese and good wine!

  2. We just did a major software upgrade for our client over the weekend. As you said, it must happen during everyone else's sleeping hours. I didn't have to go in but was on-call. My phone rang at 3 am. :-) And that was that. No matter. I only tossed and turned before that anyway.

    No one likes having to put in the extra hours and be sleep-deprived, but you are right to be thankful for your job and the good teamwork you have. I hope all goes well over the next few days. I'm looking forward to seeing what you've sewn during the lulls!

  3. I have done this for years - sew through the stress. Sewing is something that has always calmed me. I think it's the completion of one task after another, especially at night where it takes on it's own speed - not too fast, not too slow, and for me is almost like meditation. While I'm doing hand work, or performing basic tasks, my mind can wander, but at the same time I'm doing something constructive.

    Now this perspective is from someone who sews and sews a lot and loves it - I know not everyone is in that boat.

  4. Oh, BTDT. My husband works in IT, and I know all about odd work hours and sensitive work environments.

  5. I do hope nothing serious comes up before tomorrow night! And I also do hope you are sane enough in between work to figure out the sewing stuff.


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