Friday, June 26, 2009

Don't hate me cuz I live in Maryland ...

(click on the image to see a bigger picture)
I don't know where else, outside of NYC, a person has access to such amazing fabric. In Baltimore, I have A Fabric Place (which is the bricks & mortar shop of the same family that runs Michael's Fabrics) and in Rockville I have G Street Fabrics.
Of course, I am a familiar face in both stores! (not affilated, just a satisfied customer always happy to talk up my beloved fabric sources)
Like lots of my cyber-sewing-buddies, I sewed a capsule for the June Capsule Contest at Stitchers Guild. Originally, I was going to sew something to go with the tunic I sewed last summer and never wear. I used some dark blue fabric from my stash (down in Rockville) while the tunic hung in the closet (in Baltimore).
You guessed it, the blues in the tunic clash with the blues in my knit tank top, skirt & pants.
But, I found another orphan in the closet that is VERY happy with the new blue pieces, so it's all good.
I have a picture of my June Capsule that I will post on my blog as soon as the contest comes to an end.
In the meantime, I have bought a new set of fabrics (I took the tunic in the store to make sure the colors worked).
And this shall be my July sewing.
Happy Sewing!


  1. I live in Baltimore and have shopped at "A Fabric Place" at all 3 of their locations. I've been shopping there since 1977! Michael is such a sweetheart!
    A group of us from ASG will be converging on the place September 26, 2009. He promised he'd have great discounts and goodies in store for us.
    Stop by if you can!

  2. Beautiful beautiful fabric! So what are your plans for bottoms?

  3. ok, so i don't "hate" you... but i am extremely envious!!! :)

    i hope to make a few trips to the DC area in the next year. fabric shopping is definitely on my agenda.

    you found some great fabrics. can't wait to see the finished product.

  4. Pretty fabrics. Lucky you to live close to wonderful shops!

  5. I feel silly. I have never heard of A Fabric Place or Michael's! I haven't been in G street in years! Yes, I live between the two! Silly me.


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