Monday, May 25, 2009

Twist Top - It worked! and other news...

Howie cooked TWO amazing meals this weekend. He cooks and I clean. I get the better end of the deal because he cleans as he goes :) Here are his awesome kids Daniel and Kelly. We had such a nice visit! (boo hoo, Laura, miss you!)
Here is my muse, my inspiration- the amazing Archie!! I want to be black and white just like her!
And guess what - I like wearing a skirt. Who knew? Very comfortable 8 gore skirt (sewn for the little sew-along that RuthieK started) I fiddled with the contrast to make the details show up on the black.

woo hoo! Thank goodness Jalie patterns have such excellent directions!
I really should compare my self-drafted version to the pattern in the envelope, just to see what the fitting changes would have been. Yes, I beleive that will be the subject of a post some time.
Perhaps that will teach me how to use Jalie patterns more easily in the future.
Oh by the way, I did not sew the attached camisole. I am just wearing a black camisole I own already.
All right - to all of our men and women in service, I give you my hearty thanks, love, respect and gratitude for your service.
(families, too!!)
Happy Stitching, my friends.


  1. The twist top looks good -- really good!

  2. Lovely ensemble, Robin! I like twist tops on you!

  3. Cute outfit. And your inspiration is adorable.

  4. Very nice! You both match :)

  5. Great outfit, I can see this getting a lot of outings. What a great job your muse did!

  6. I want one too - great what you did with it..gotta try this - thanks for the ideas.

  7. I love your new outfit. I am probably the only sew-er on Earth who doesn't own a twist top pattern. I love your version and must try this myself.

    The skirt looks terrific on you, and Archie couldn't be any cuter.

  8. To the above commenter--I don't have a twist top either! But, I am going to rectify that soon! Congratulations figuring the draft on that top. You and Archie are a cute couple,and dressed to match!

  9. Love the outfit on you - the twist top is very flattering. You'll find it is very versatile, too and can be worn with a lot of different things.

    Archie is super, super cute. Love those eyes.

  10. This outfit looks great on you! I am enjoying following the progress of all of you making Wardrobes in a Week

  11. That's beautifull, I love the fabric you choose... and the shape of the skirt. Just perfect!


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