Sunday, May 24, 2009

TNT Tee => Twist Top! (part 2)

Thanks for coming along with me as I seek to unlock the mysteries of the universe.
How will I construct this darn thing! I think I know.
Hubby asked me, "So are you going to sew a muslim now?"
(Don't try to tell him it's a muslin, it won't stick)
Me: No, are you kidding? I am going to cut into the good stuff and see what happens!
I will post pics later to let you know how it turns out.
Twist top styles are available from several different pattern-making companies. I happen to own more than one and this is a bit of a franken-pattern, relying heavily on Jalie 2788.
I have now finally realized that NO pattern company is sized to fit me. So I have to learn how to fit myself. And really, I am not that freakily mis-shapen!! It's just that we are all different. Like snowflakes, hee hee hee hee.
Wish me luck.


  1. Wow - that is helpful! I have a nifty book from the 60s on pattern drafting. I understand the dart rotation thing, but I do too much reading and thinking and not enough doing. But you made that really simple. I have to find a TNT tee now!

  2. It happens to all of us...that moment when we realize that we have to make more alterations to a pattern and not just sew it out of the envelope. I think that's what takes our sewing to another level! Can't wait to see your final garment!!!

  3. Amazing! That video better than any instruction sheet!

  4. Wow, seeing it done like that in miniature is so helpful! Thank you! I think I might need to make me some little mini cutouts to play around with, sure beats wasting a ton of time and fabric!

  5. ok, NOW I see what you are doing,, the last video on the twist top, I was kinda lost,, but now I get it,, PLEASE do more of these video's...

  6. I, also, didn't get it after the first part of the twist-top tutorial, but this one helped a lot. Thanks!

  7. This is great for those visually understanding sewers! Great!

  8. Wonderful stuff Robin! Thanks for posting.

  9. I love these little videos :) Great job!


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