Thursday, May 21, 2009

a thank you!

The mailman brings me interesting things all the time. For example, I order stuff from - oh yes! I get toilet paper in the mail. Well, I am a little lazy, what can I say.

But, I got a REALLY FUN box in the mail because I had no idea it was coming and there was no note inside or anything. Of course, I knew it was from Marji!
Who else would be downsizing and looking for a new home for books about Home Dec. sewing? And she included a couple of historical novels! It has been a while since I read one, but somewhere along the way I mentioned I enjoy reading novels about Queen Elizabeth.
Seriously, sewists are an incredibly generous bunch. And I have already made good use of the box; it's on its way to another sewist with something special inside.
Happy Sewing!!
And thank you Marji!! Happy Sailing to you, too :) Congratulations on launching your new adventure!


  1. Yes, Marji is a generous sort, as are others! She recently sent me some lovely alpaca yarn, perfect colors for me. And Jenny in Washington sent me two KwikSew patterns, she had them for sale on SG and I rounded up the price, she actually mailed me back change with a nice note! How nice to be part of such a great network.

  2. Ah that is very nice of Marji, enjoy your books :)

  3. You're welcome! And you know, I didn't include a note because I sent them media mail, and I'm becoming more of a rule follower every day. Media Mail rules are that if you include a letter it becomes first class mail. So, I *thought* I'd have a week or so to get a note in the mail to you, telling you it was coming, and why I didn't include the Singer reference book (I can't find it anywhere). ANyway, media mail in this case was as fast as Priority would have been, so you got it, sans note. Sorry about that.

    Hope you enjoy the books, and can use them.


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