Saturday, May 23, 2009

T-shirt with Gathered Neckline

Wow, this was really easy! I put little tucks into the neckline, turned it over and stitched with the coverhem machine. Now I see how a cowl neckline is done- this is it! Without the tucks it was a cowl neckline! How cool. I am going to see what else I can do with this pattern ...Happy Memorial Day.
My heartfelt thanks and love to all who serve.
You are not forgotten.

OK get out there and fire up those grills!
Happy Stitching!


  1. Nice top! Isn't dart manipulation fun?

  2. Great looking tee! The tucks look perfect!

  3. This looks like it came right out of a fashion magazine or catalog! WTG!!!


  4. Amazing what you can do! Love the style and fabric.

  5. Just the right amount of gather... because it's custom-made for you! Great tutorial before, and I'm glad to see how this turned out. Did you have to make any changes like scooping the neck further, etc? I guess you could do the gathers, try it on an make tweaks if necessary?

    I love knowing how things "work." THanks!

  6. DanainDFW,
    I did scoop the neck out a little further. I just tried it on, pinned a few tucks and sewed it up.
    Sharp eye!


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