Thursday, May 21, 2009

sewing a wardrobe in a week

I agree, a wardobe in a week is a crazy idea. But I am sewing along.
Ruthie came up with it. And yes, I work a full time job and I have housework, chores and errands. And a husband. And a social life. But I am not involved in day-to-day child-rearing anymore, so I can attempt wild ideas.

Here is my fabric: 2 knits for tops and 2 wovens for pants:
I will sew 2 t-shirts with ROTATED DARTS (!) now that I have unlocked the mystery of dart rotation. The necklines will gathered, and scooped a little (not much) lower. They are cut and ready to sew (the official week for sewing starts tomorrow).

The pants.... still need to be cut! I sewed THREE muslins last weekend. And I could stand to sew a fourth. But I learned a lot about making alterations for a change in weight.
Crotch curve: this is the most important part of the pattern and when you have the right one, your pants will fit. Whether you gain or lose weight, the shape of your crotch curve will not change. Knowing that would have saved me sewing 2 of those muslins last week.
Girths: If you use Bernina My Label- just update the girths. Don't put yourself through the extra work of taking all eleventy gazillion measurements again!!
In the end- all the changed was the side seams and the inner thigh seam on the back piece only. So, in this case, the person who relies on paper, pencil and knowledge would have figured this out a lot faster than I did!!
No complaints.... I like playing with BML, and sometimes I learn the hard way, but that's Ok ,too.
Wish me luck - that is a lot of sewing next week!


  1. Good luck, ambitious lady! It sounds like a great plan and the fabric choices are beautiful.

  2. So exactly how many garments do you have to sew in one week?!

  3. We are sewing 4 garments- 2 tops and 2 bottoms and they must mix & match. I should have chosen gored skirts w/elastic waistbands (it's not too late!! :)

  4. Sure, it is crazy, but think of the feeling of accomplishment! (Besides, you will not need to do laundry urgently with 2 new outfits in the pipeline). I have cut out trousers for my son, no tops, so am behind, but I think I can catch up, the seams for a 6 year old are very short.

  5. WOW, that does sounds like a crazy idea, but a fun one :)
    I like your fabric choices.
    Good Luck!


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