Sunday, May 3, 2009

Satisfactory is the new Perfect

It's not perfect, but I can say my t-shirt pattern is SATISFACTORY.
And this fabric (on sale at G Street this weekend) is amazing.
Isn't it hard to buy something as plain as a white knit? Maybe the white was inspired by the wedding gown in a recent post! I got enough to make 3 t-shirts.
It is a 4-way stretch cotton knit with lots of loopiness on the wrong side; like a terry. It's beefy & lofty & light. I don't know about you, but I need fabric with some body to it. It is hard to wear a jersey knit (too clingy for my taste). Jersey is not fun to sew either, now that I think about it. But this fabric was pure pleasure to work with.
The darts- maybe could be a little higher and shorter next time.
Here are the changes I made to the pattern (in this post)
The front did not change much- I just straightened the side seam a little bit. It no longer curves in.
In the back, the shirt was too wide at my armpits, and the armscy was too high. I dropped it by about an inch and removed about inch from the side seam. I re-drafted the entire side seam to match the front with a gentler curve.
The center back seam was curvier before, too. I re-drafted it to be straighter.
The sleeve! That's where I needed to add width to make up for what I removed on the bodice. I widened the pattern across the horizontal balance line at the armscye and I added height to the sleeve cap.
The fitting adjustment to the sleeve and the armscye were epiphany-ish.
I have had that problem on so many garments! I finally see the relationship between the armscye and the sleeve for my particular body. I need quite a bit more width in the sleeve in the armpit area, and a much smaller armcye than what comes straight out of the envelope.
Oh it feels good to figure that out!
I hope I am making sense. If I get the chance I will take a pattern-drafting class some day. I bet it all of this would make a lot more sense.
Nevertheless, I have a good t-shirt pattern now.
This means I can branch out and make some cute knit tops and dresses this summer!
That is a happy thought!
I hope you had a nice weekend-
Thanks for stopping by and letting me share my sewing adventures with you.
cheers ~


  1. It is indeed so hard to buy a simple white knit! IF I ever find the perfect one, I'm going to buy like 30 yards of it. ;-)

    The tshirt looks great- I'm jealous of how wonderfully you did the neckline!

  2. Perfect fitting t-shirt. You look great :)

  3. You are making LOTS of sense. And I think 'satisfactory' is an understatement! But whatever works for you! Good job!

    Ummm. And I think it's time to start sewing up that cream colored interlock cotton... And maybe the gray french terry.... Thanks for the reminder!


  4. A good white knit is hard to find. Usually, they are wimpy and too transluscent. Now, you can have a whole wardrobe of t-shirts.

  5. I don't sew a lot of knits for just the reasons you mentioned. Your t-shirt goes far pasts satisfactory! Very nice fit.

  6. Wendy, the neckline is sooo easy using a coverhem machine! I just turn it over, press and serge. If it's curling up too much, I will add some Steam-A-Seam Lite to stabilize it. At first I was using a binder, but that results in a pretty bulky seam. I keep the turned-over edge fairly narrow to avoid puckering.

  7. Looks great! White is hard to find, but that fabric looks really nice.

  8. Congratulations on the fitting. I like the clean lines of your new perfection. Perfect wardrobe builder. And the fabric sounds like the best to work with.

  9. I love the title of your post! Trying to have something perfect usually results in being unhappy about it. Aiming at satisfaction is sooo much easier to achieve and gives true pleasure!
    I was just (in vain) looking for a suitable white knit - most are very thin (and sheer), or have no stretch at all... Will not give up, if I ever come across the right one, I'll buy lots! Your white shirt looks like a REALLY good fit - not too tight, not too big, comfy all around. Great work!!

  10. Congratulations! As someone who tends to have a difficult time finding off-the-rack t-shirts that fit, your successful project has given me inspiration to try again to make my own.

  11. Very nice tee! Such a "classic" style and it fits beautifully! I agrere with you about jersey, I am too scared to sew it unless I know I will be wearing another layer underneath. Darn Burda WOF magazine - they make jersey look soo good!


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