Sunday, April 19, 2009

this is like eating candy

I am loving my crafty little project; this color wheel quilt. It is like eating candy!

Quilters' cotton is delightful to cut, press, sew and handle. The instructions are easy to follow. The fabrics are so cute!

And look at all the leftovers!! This bundle came with 52 fat 16ths. I noticed quite a few Anna Maria Horner prints in there. I just love her aesthetic.

Happy sewing, all :)


  1. What fun! Yes, the *really nice* quilter's cottons are like that. Don't settle for cheap ones.

  2. Beautiful colors. Sounds like a fun project :)

  3. Oh. Man. Okay. I see that is my next quilting project. Feel free to sell me the scraps from yours.

  4. I Love this! The fabrics are perfect I agree, need something bright for this house, onto the to do list.

  5. Oh yes almost edible gorgeouness!


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