Friday, January 23, 2009

TGIF! I did a little sewing this week ...

I've had a good sewing week. I was able to sit down and sew for a couple hours almost every evening. BWOF shirt is coming along- I sewed the collar & collar stand and got it onto the bodice. I used the walking foot on the Janome 6600 which did a very nice job of travelling over the little hills and valleys along the stitching line without sucking the fabric down into the feed dogs. It is quite a but clunkier than the Pfaff IDT, but it works! I hear the presser foot needs to be kept level when sewing over thicker seams so I ordered a Jean-a-ma-jig when I recently stocked up on other supplies.
I also sewed the cuff slits, so this will be finished soon (yay- I need new clothes!!)
And I finished the pants that have sat on hold since November 1. I used a wonderful brushed cotton from Michael's Fabrics and it was just a little bulky to use it for facings. That stripe is a shirting fabric. And, oh joy, the zipper is faulty!! When I wore the pants yesterday, I fought the natural pull of gravity all day long - the zipper couldn't lock itself and stay up. So I have already picked it out, so I can install a new one.

And Happy Anniversary to DH & me! Four years of Great Adventure!! That outfit comes from my Timmel SWAP last year. We went our for dinner to the Morton's in Bethesda. We have a nice little tradition of having dinner at Mortons down on Connecticut Ave, but the inauguration had this town all messed up so we stayed out of DC. I am craving a downtown date, though. I wonder what it is- maybe winter is just dark and dreary & it makes me crave some art. I need a museum trip!
Happy Sewing!


  1. I love that pink blouse :-)

    I need a museum trip!

    Oh, and I'm SO jealous of all the free museums down there. NYC ones are mostly $20/visit these days!

  2. Pretty blouse. Happy anniversary and many more!

  3. Hi, I've nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award that's going around. Enjoy!

  4. Happy Anniversary! I think I've been to that Morton's... Hope you had a lovely "downtown date." Happy, happy, happy. He looks like a good cook! K

  5. Happy Anniversary! You make a lovely couple.

    I love the pink blouse - can't wait to see it finished.

  6. Happy Anniversary!!!

    I'm loving the pink blouse too especially how the stripe works on the ruffle!

  7. Bit late, but happy anniversary!
    Love the blouse. And admiring you for getting that zipper out right away and replace it. Would have taken me months (if I would have gotten to it at all).

  8. Just hopped over from Carolyns blog.
    That jean-a-ma-jig... it works great! Matter of fact my SIL/Neice borrowed it and I don't believe that I've gotten it back yet! Best check that out! It does work wonders though!
    Thanks for the great read!

  9. Happy anniversary (I know I'm late.....).


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