Sunday, January 11, 2009

shirts and shades

I made myself a pressing board. I used a pine table top (from IKEA) covered with a layer of cotton batting & topped off with a tight weave wool. I used a staple gun and it was fast. It just sits on top of my cutting table, and I was able to store away the ironing board & gained a little space back.
Also in view are the 2 BWOF shirts I am sewing. Since I can use white thread on both of them, I am sewing them simulataneously (and I hope it saves time!)

There is progress on the window shade, too.  Here is a pic showing the magnetic strip on the side which can be purchased at a hardware store and it can be cut to fit.

Another option is to paint the wall with magnetic paint.  Who knew that magnetic paint even exists?  It is a very dark gray, but it can be painted over with regular wall paint.  I read about it on a home improvement blog.

There are 3.5" magnetic strips hidden inside the casing of the blind. It works beautifully to create a nice seal. It can be painted lightly, which I plan to do. You could also use velcro instead of magnets. As soon as I have completed the hanging mechanism, I'll write up a through review /tutorial and post it to patternreview. I got lots of great advice on the discussion board to help me on this. A simple, though not necessarily easy, project.
And here is how the shade looks hanging close. It is cosy! It is rather plan, though and I may applique something on it (like maybe a tree branch with a bird on it? thinking on it...)
That's all my excitement right now.

Happy Sewing, my cyber sewing buddies.


  1. Congrats, Robin, on your new "baby"!!! I've also heard wonderful things about the Janome 6600, so you're going to love it, I'm sure.

    Glad you decided to keep the vintage Pfaff, tho. :)

    Have fun! Love your shade, too.


  2. The shade looks really good and will make a big difference to your comfort. Looks like you have the perfect set up.

  3. I'm glad you like your new Janome. I have the same new machine too - a Christmas present. I am having fun working it out.

  4. You'll love the 6600! I've got 3 Janomes and they're all terrific (so is my dealer!).

    The shade is really nice and so is the set up you've got for sewing!

    Sorry if this is a duplicate comment, I think my first one is out is cyber-la-la land somewhere.

  5. The pressing board is a great idea!

  6. Enjoy your new machine. I've heard good things about it and if you love your dealer, that's a big plus.
    I have that blouse in my list too, so I am interested in seeing your review of it.


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