Saturday, January 17, 2009

I have become a multiple project juggler

Here is a progress update on one of the shirts I am sewing:
I sewed the bodice first to make sure my pattern adjustments worked and it fits, yay! This poject is the maiden voyage for my new Janome 6600. For the front pleats, I cut long strips and practiced the rolled edge stitches on the serger and the sewing machine. I finally settled on a combination of the two: first a narrow serged seam, then folded over for a straight stitch on the SM. I couldn't get the results I wanted using the rolled hem foot on the SM.

Once I had the edges done, I went ahead and cut the pattern pieces from the edged strips:
This is the pattern ... from the December issue of Burda World of Fashion (#126 I think?) And I decided to make it with the French cuffs after all.

I have a pair of pants to finish, and I can't help it, I am sewing more curtains. I've got the decorating bug right now. And, I am incredibly drawn to quilting. I may have to try something using fabrics by Anna Maria Horner. I just love her quilts!

Happy Sewing!


  1. I like this blouse and your striped fabric.(you're right it is 12/2008 #126 :)
    My job is so in the way too! It's hard to find time/energy for both on most days...but I'm fine with it. I know one day it will be all about my sewing :)

  2. Great looking blouse so far! I've a huge stash of stripes, I should pull them out and make this!


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